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Halloween Party Games for Adults by Kidzable

Once you’ve sent out your Halloween party invitations, gathered your gruesome party decorations, created a clever costume and cooked up a freaky feast, all that’s left is deciding how your guests will entertain themselves at your Halloween party.

If most of your guests don’t know each other or if you roll with an introverted crowd, you’ll definitely want some games and activities to serve as ice breakers. Watching a horror film together is fun, but for most of your big bash, you’ll have a better time if your guests interact with each other. These adult Halloween party games and activities will keep your party frightfully fun.

Who Am I?

A classic party game, this activity is even more fun with a Halloween twist. Write down characters from famous scary movies on small cards. As each guest arrives, tape a card on their back. Your guests’ goal will be to learn their identity by the end of the evening through asking other guests questions and listening to their hints. The game ends when every identity has been revealed.

Halloween Movie and TV Trivia

How well do you all know your scary movies? Divide your guests into teams or have them each play solo, ask them Halloween and horror-related questions, and see who knows their scares. This is one of the most fun adult Halloween party games. Here are a few sample questions and answers to get you started:

1. How did Freddie Krueger originally die?

2. What is the name of the campground where a ton of teens meet their end in the Friday the 13th movies?

3. What is Jason’s last name?

4. How many children are in the family featured in “Poltergeist?”

5. What is the name of the transvestite in The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

6. In the original Saw movie, what were the names of the two men who are stuck in the bathroom in the beginning?

7. In Saw, why was Jigsaw putting the people in life or death situations?

8. Who is Chucky the doll possessed by?

9. Where does Andy’s mom get the Chucky doll?

10. In the movie “Trick R Treat,” what was the name of the little boy in the burlap sack who shows up in nearly every scene?


1. Camp Crystal Lake

2. He was burned alive

3. Voorhees

4. Three

5. Dr. Frank N Furter

6. Adam and Lawrence

7. He was teaching them life lessons

8. The Lakeshore Strangler

9. From a homeless man

10. Sam

You can find more questions and answers on this Halloween quiz too.

Fun Halloween Games for Adults by Kidzable

Shot in the Dark

This is one of the most versatile adult Halloween party games. Play a horror movie in the background of your party with the volume low. Make up your own rules, such as whenever a character gets shot, your guests must take a shot…whenever someone screams, everyone must switch seats… you get the idea! Get creative and turn a scary movie into fun party entertainment.

Halloween Jinx

Give each guest a bag with 10 pieces of candy inside. Tell the guests they are banned from using several words, such as Halloween, candy, drink, party and pumpkin. If a guest catches another using one of the banned words, he or she must yell out, “JINX!” and the offender must give up a piece of candy. At the end of the night, whoever has the most candy wins a prize…as well as a tummy ache, no doubt.

Pass It On Ghost Story

This game is especially fun to play towards the end of your Halloween party, when everyone has loosened up and perhaps had a bit of witch’s brew. Dim the lights and have everyone sit in a circle. Hold a flashlight so it lights up your face and tell the beginning of a ghost story…three or four sentences should suffice. Pass the flashlight to the person on your left, who then takes over and continues the story. The longer the flashlight is passed around the more intense- and often hilarious- the story gets.

Blair Witch

Turn this freaky game into a fun, freaky party activity. Have a video camera available and have your party guests take it around the house throughout the evening and perform monologues. They can pretend they’re scared of something, talk about their pet peeves, tell ghost stories or even confess their naughty wrongdoings. Screen your new film at the end of the party and award a prize to the best actor.

Mummy Wrap

This classic kids’ game falls into the category of adult Halloween party games as well! Divide your guests into teams and give each team a roll of toilet paper. One person spins around while the others turn them into a mummy. The person becoming the mummy generally also tries to spin to help the team finish first, which is the goal. The spinning and wrapping will be hilarious to watch and participate in, breaking the ice at any party effectively.

Famous Halloween Movie Quotes

“What I saw was not a cat!”

“They’re here….”

“It’s not who you go with, honey. It’s who takes you home.”

Can you name these horror movie quotes? Can your guests? Play a game of Halloween Movie Quote Trivia and find out!

Midnight Mystery

Treat your party guests to a little brain teaser and a lot of mystery. Have someone only you know show up to your party, spend about 30 minutes quietly mingling, and then disappear. Half an hour after the disappearance, quiz your friends on the mystery party guest. See how much they remember.

Dance Contest

Do your friends know how to perform the Thriller? How about the Monster Mash? If you’ve got the room and the right friends, there’s nothing quite like a dance contest to top off a night of adult Halloween party games. Make sure to check these Halloween party ideas for kids as well.

These adult Halloween party games are fun, lighthearted ways to help your guests have a ball at your bash. Have a frightfully delightful Halloween party!

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