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Amazing Facts About Animals

Funny Animals Facts for Kids by Kidzable

1.Crazy Mice!!!

Amazing Mice Fact by Kidzable

2.How can you tell a Turtle’s gender?

Amazing Turtle Fact by Kidzable

3.Would a blind Chameleon be able change its color?

Amazing Chameleon Fact by Kidzable

4.What is the size of a baby Panda at birth?

Amazing Panda Fact by Kidzable

5.What’s the reason behind the placement of Donkey’s eyes?

Amazing Donkey Fact by Kidzable

6.On average, how many times do Cows poop per day?

Amazing Cow Fact by Kidzable

7.What would happen if you cut off a Snail’s eye?

Amazing Snail Fact by Kidzable

8.How long can Alligators live?

Amazing Alligator Fact by Kidzable

9.How many stomachs does the Ant have?

Amazing Ants Fact by Kidzable

10.What is the only mammal that can fly?

Amazing Bats Fact by Kidzable

11.Why do Mosquitoes need blood?

12.Where do Camels store water?

13.How do Ducks swim?

14.What is an Elephant’s trunk used for?

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