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Baby Shower Planning: Everything About Baby Shower

Baby Shower

If you’re tired of all the usual baby shower gifts, favors, themes, food and what have you, then that’s a good sign. The next time you get to host a babyshower; don’t get stuck with the same baby shower theme, the same baby shower games, and the same old baby shower ideas.

Overused Babyshower Ideas

Overused baby shower ideas won’t do magic for another baby shower and will most probably bore everyone to death, so make sure to avoid this spectacle. What do you want everyone to remember about this special occasion? The baby shower decorations? The music? The food? The games?

Planning Is Key For The Baby Shower Ideas

With meticulous planning, and a creative eye, surely all your friends will want you to throw their baby showers for them! It will be an event that will have people talking for a long time.

Be Unique And Creative With Your BabyShower Ideas

Be unique and creative and at the same time fun and exciting for your baby shower to stand out. Discover fresh concepts for your invitations, decorations, baby shower venue, games, food, favors and more!

Newest Trends For Baby Showers?

First off, you need to know the newest trends in the realm of baby showers. Take time out to go online and catch fresh ideas on how to carry out the baby shower that won’t look like a repetition of someone’s shower three weeks ago.

Search for websites that consistently update their page on new fads in throwing baby showers. You may also click on suggestions from other users who have thrown their own showers. Select an idea that’s exciting and different, the type that will make a resounding splash in the baby shower you will be hosting.

The perfect baby shower is one that has the most exquisite yet inexpensive decorations, fun and interesting games, the best gifts, and great food! Make this the perfect occasion that’ll touch the lives and warm the hearts of the new parents and their guests.

Say goodbye to boring and redundant baby showers. Get ready to host the most fabulous baby shower ever with these baby shower theme ideas below.

Baby Shower Themes

Having a baby shower spells different colors. It is fun and exciting, but it can also be nerve-wracking and stressful. A baby shower can take up a great deal of work if you don’t have a plan laid out.

Streamlining Preparations Of Your Baby Shower

But with a baby shower theme, the work will be much easier. Streamlining preparations will be more simplified once you have decided on the perfect theme. Traditional themes are a popular choice; you can never go wrong with holding the party in a simple setting.

Family And Friends Baby Shower Theme?

Thinking of an intimate gathering of family and friends over dinner or a tea party? Why not?
This is not at all aggravating to organize, and won’t take up much time. You can keep decorations subdued and the guests limited to a selected few. That way it will be more intimate.

Gender-specific Baby Shower Theme?

A gender-specific theme is also a practical choice. For a boy baby shower you can have a blue and white motif and have balloons of various shades of blue tied with silk white ribbons to add a soft touch. Matching icing colors to the color theme will also do wonders.

Girl Baby Shower Theme?

For a girl baby shower, you can use conventional colors like pastel pink or purple, and have pink/purple and white crepe paper as furnishings. You can add flower centerpieces to put in a warm touch of femininity.

Book Themed Baby Shower?

Tired of the typical shower themes? Here’s one that’ll hit the mark. How about a ‘book’ themed shower? Bedtime stories, fairy tales and other story books which will all serve as the backdrop of the party will certainly keep the mood light and playful.

Mommy Themed Baby Shower?

Another clever idea could be a ‘mommy’ themed shower. This is after all the most fitting time to pamper the mom- to- be with spa products, mommy clothes, scented candles, and what have you.

It’s all up to you. What matters is that the theme fully sets the tone of the baby shower, making it truly special and unforgettable. So get a move on and start planning!

Baby shower invitations

Now that you have a better understanding of your baby shower, it is time to make the babyshower invitations.

The birth of a new baby is indeed the most wonderful blessing a family could ever receive; it is hard not to think why a special celebration shouldn’t be in order. This is one of the turning points in family life after all, and it should not be allowed to pass by quietly.

And what could be more fitting in establishing the mood of this special event than to start if off with adorable and endearing baby shower invitations.

The invitations speak volumes about how the event is going to be carried out. From cute to quaint, to elegant or amusing, you get to decide which best suits the style and personality of the parents-in-the-making.

Generally, ideal baby shower invitations are more of the classic ones which is the favorite of most baby shower planners since they are more convenient and are easily obtainable. But who says you can’t let loose and go modern? It’s all about enjoying the exploration of all the possibilities of baby shower invitations that will aptly capture the mood of the occasion.

There are so many varieties to choose from that one hardly knows where to begin. Publishing companies far and wide will provide you with all the designs imaginable. From basic to gender-specific patterns, and designs featuring everything from images of baby toys to tea party themed invites, make sure to go over all of these delightful treats so as to pick the one that suits the event best.

But if you prefer a more personal and customized approach, then by all means go ahead. Personalized baby shower invites definitely add substance and flair to the event and makes it more exciting to plan. You can even go a notch higher by personally making the invites yourself.

Be artistic and get all the inspiration necessary for your designs but make sure you don’t trail off from the shower theme. So go, explore and have fun!

Baby Shower Game Plan?

Initially, hosting a baby shower seems like a piece of cake. Planning the shower date is a cinch. And the invitations? Hardly difficult. Baby shower games? That’s a whole different ‘ballgame’ however.

What Baby Shower Games Should You Consider?

Baby shower games can either be the most nerve-wracking issue to decide on, or the most fun to be engrossed about. This can be potentially stressful given the fact that there are far too many games to consider. Everyone wants a baby shower to hold fond memories after all, and having the right games will make all the difference in your guests’ overall baby shower experience.

The Best Baby Shower Games?

Whether you choose to stick with the more casual games like the “getting to know you” circuit or those that have more kick and would make bringing out the champagne unnecessary – it’s all up to you. The best games will get people to talk to each other and have them share stories and jokes.

Baby shower games can really bring another element to the occasion. The sense of fun that you all remember from your childhood can easily be transferred into adult games, themed around the arrival of your new baby.

And just like a children’s party there are hundreds of ideas and variations that you can use to really make the occasion both fun and memorable.

Here are some examples to help get your creative juices flowing when you are planning the games for your baby shower.

Guess the amount of pins

For this game all you need to do is get a big glass jar or vase and buy some nappy pins. Fill the bowel – remembering to keep count as you go along – and write the number down. You could put the note in an envelope, seal it, and pop it under the glass container. Let your guests take turns to guess how many pins are in the container, and the nearest guess to the correct number wins a prize.

Memory lane memory game

Think about the sorts of games that you used to play when you and your baby shower guests were children. If you have a range of ages attending then you could always research for ideas on the internet in order to ensure a broad cross section of games so that everybody can be involved in the fun. Make pairs of cards with the names of the games on them. You could also add pictures and visuals – not only to make things more bright and visual, but also to help jog your guests’ memories. When it is time to play the game simply lay the cards out face down on a table. Get your guests to gather around in a circle and take turns to flip two cards over. If they get a correct match they keep the cards and take another turn. If it is an incorrect match the cards get turned back over again and the next guest takes a turn. At the end of the game the guest with the most correct pairs is the winner, and gets a well-deserved prize.

Adult baby pictures

This game takes a little bit more thought, planning and preparation. Unless you have access to old photos yourself, you will need to ask you guests to bring along a secret photograph of themselves as a baby. So that you can play along too a good idea is to ask them to bring their photos along in a plain white sealed envelope. When your guests arrive the envelopes should be put into a pile and then shuffled. Open the envelopes and lay out the pictures. Give your guests pens and paper, and let them secretly guess which baby is which. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Guess the size of the baby

This game is fun because it will obviously be carried on after the birth itself. Simply make a chart on a big piece of card and draw on baby weights in a scale on the side. Make paper flags out of card and make sure you have one pin or piece of tack/ tape per person. Let your guests guess how big your new baby will be and invite them to put their names and guesses onto the chart. After the arrival of your newborn the guest with the closest guess is the winner.

The Worst Baby Shower Games?

The worst are those that are laden with too many confusing rules that might end up pressuring your guests to think about game strategies. These are the type that you should avoid, since the focus of enjoying the games is lost. Baby shower games should be light-hearted and fun above all.

How To Start The BabyShower Games?

An Icebreaker is the ideal kind to start the ball rolling. Choose the type that will have your guests mingling and being more comfortable with each other. This will be essential in getting a positive response for the succeeding games.

From there you can move on to the more effort-requiring sort such as:

  • recalling celebrity baby names and faces
  • collecting the most number of nursery rhymes
  • naming famous celebrity couples

You can even hit two birds with one stone by incorporating a game in the gift-opening part of the baby shower. This will make playing the games and opening gifts especially memorable and wholeheartedly meaningful. So go ahead and enjoy your baby shower games hunting expedition!

Baby Shower Etiquette

Throwing a baby shower is a fulfilling task. It is touching and heart-warming, and is a bundle of fun from the planning process down to the day of the event itself. But it can also be stressful simply because it gets a little confusing with regards to how the shower should be thrown.

Traditional Babyshower Etiquette Basics

There are no rules that govern baby shower etiquette principles but some traditional etiquette basics should be observed. The first thing that comes to mind is the date of the shower. Common practice has people holding the event one to two months prior to the mother’s due date. That way, you don’t risk having the baby itself show up in the shower!

When To Have Your Baby Shower?

A welcome baby shower however should be done a month or two after the birth of the baby, giving the new parents some time to adjust to the newborn. Traditional baby showers are done at the home of the parents or at church. But a hotel function room or a fancy restaurant is also a great option. Take careful consideration for the budget, weather and date.

Who Can Host The Baby Shower?

As to who gets to host the shower, anyone from a close friend, an aunt or a niece can hold the event. Workmates or relatives may also play the role of the host. For the guest list, remember to inquire from the new parents or their parents who they wish to attend the event. See to it that all the important people will be able to come and that there are no schedule conflicts.

Things to include are:

  • contact numbers
  • directions to venue
  • RSVP
  • time, date and party theme on the invitations to make it complete

Moreover, see to it that baby shower gifts for new parents are those that will be useful for them and their baby. Spontaneous and fun gifts should be done only for second or third baby showers. Keep these etiquette basics in mind and no doubt you’ll be throwing the perfect baby shower that everyone will remember!

Baby Shower Food

When planning a baby shower, there are a lot of things to consider. One of the most challenging aspects is the baby shower food.

The Food Is Crucial For The Success Of Your Baby Shower

The food is one of the crucial things that will make all the difference in your guests’ baby shower experience so make sure to choose recipes that are mouth-watering and full of delicious flavor. Impress your guests with scrumptious dishes that are easy to prepare.

First off, consider the number of people who will be coming. If you have a guest list comprised of 15 to 20 people, planning an entire meal will need much time and hard work.

It will be wiser to divide the meal into sections of:

  • entrees and finger foods
  • soup
  • some delectable appetizers
  • punch or beverages
  • an exquisite dessert

A full meal for a smaller group of less than 12 people won’t be too difficult however. This all depends on just how much time, effort and money you will be putting into the menu.

Time Of Day For The Baby Shower?

Also, think about the time of day the baby shower will take place. Dinner foods for dinner time and breakfast foods for morning baby showers and so on. Next, consider the baby theme of the shower. This is important to keep things flowing smoothly and with the right ambience. You don’t want to steer off from the theme making the rhythm of the baby shower inconsistent.

Be Time-Conscious In Your Babyshower Planning

Most especially, be time-conscious and opt for foods that are quick to prepare and yet are elegant and delectable enough to make your guests salivate at the sight of these luscious treats. Delicious recipes need not be expensive to be appetizing.

Remember that the baby shower menu is just a fraction of the entire shower and there’s a lot more work you need to do. Enlisting help from the parents’ friends and family will make the load less heavy. With inventive and yummy recipes, have a blast and make it a baby shower to remember!

Baby Showers and Favors

There’s nearly nothing else in the world more delightful than this quaint combination. Baby shower favors convey meaningful thoughts and feelings. They speak deeply of the appreciation, love, gratefulness, and joy for all of the guests who have supported the would-be parents in this exciting and pivotal moment.

What To Pick For The Favor?

Picking the most suitable favors however will prove to be a demanding task simply because there are too many choices to consider. Not to mention the kind of response there would be with regards to these tokens of appreciation. Will they like it? What would they prefer? Should you have opted for the more expensive ones?

You Don’t Need To Spend Lots Of Money On Your Baby Shower Favor

The good news is that charming and beautiful baby shower favors need not cost thousands in order for them to be the best memento of the occasion. The first thing to decide about is whether or not to let the favors match with the shower theme.

Theme Based Baby Shower Favors

Having theme based favors are considered to be more appropriate, especially in the case of conventional baby showers. You can be simple yet elegant with theme-based favors and prizes like stuffed animals and baby toys, or perhaps with the more cost effective theme based gift bags.

You can even be eclectic and have the favors come in gift baskets filled with delightful treats. Nothing says ‘thank you’ more aptly than an endearing bundle of goodies that’ll make your guests feel deeply appreciated.

However, if you find yourself still feeling a bit confused, then go for the ones that never go out of style.

These include:

  • candles
  • baby soap or lotion
  • baby scents
  • baby decorations

You may even take your cue from favors given at other showers you have attended and go from there.

So take this task as a labor of love and let your creative instincts flow. No doubt you will eventually come up with the perfect shower favors that will make it an event no one will ever forget.

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