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Scorpio Facts: 139 Fun Facts About Scorpios

Scorpio Facts by Kidzable

Are you a Scorpio? Want to know the facts about Scorpio woman or the Scorpio man? Want to know what famous Scorpios share the unique traits that make this sign so powerful? Scorpios love a good bit of healthy competition and are drawn to the power and prestige of fame. They are enticed by the chase, pursuing a title, a goal, a previously unattainable achievement. Once they put their minds to it, these dynamic individuals are unstoppable.

We all know that Scorpios are people who are born between October 23 and November 22. But how much do we really know about Scorpio zodiac sign.

After reading these interesting facts about Scorpios you will definitely know much more about them.

Scorpio Facts

1. This is the 8th sign of the Zodiac. If your Moon is in Scorpio or if it is your rising sign, the traits of this sign will mix with those of your Sun sign.

2. Scorpio Animals: Insects and crustaceans

3. Scorpio Element is Water

4. Scorpio Symbol is Scorpion

5. Scorpio’s Planet is Pluto

6. The Scorpio Color is Red

7. Gemstone associated with Scorpio is Topaz

8. Scorpio House: 8th

9. Scorpio’s Flower is Chrysanthemum

10. Zodiac Part of the Body Ruled by Scorpio are Genitals

11. Scorpio Lucky Numbers are 2 and 4

12. Scorpio Lucky Day: Tuesday

13. Scorpio Quality: Fixed

14. Scorpio’s Duality: Feminine

15. Scorpio Polarity: Taurus

Scorpio Personality Facts

16. Scorpios are often very intense people. They seem aloof and reflective but underneath that cool exterior shell bubbles burning emotions. The typical Scorpio cares about things more than most people. They like to focus on something they feel very passionate about, such as having a career or partner to provide for. If they start to feel they lack passion, they can become very self destructive.

17. On capturing their attention, Scorpios will devote themselves to their partners and employees. If they feel they’re working towards a purpose they offer their all to people and projects. They give a great deal, so demand a lot from others.

18. Scorpios can be overly inquisitive and may be drawn to religion and the occult. Their instinct is powerful and they believe they understand the mysteries of life, the universe and the psyche more than everyone else.

19. Scorpios can be a little jealous and possessive in relationships. They are affectionate and giving in return for loyalty. Exciting and mystifying, a Scorpio can easily be so irresistible that a little jealousy is actually flattering. They want serious, committed relationships and hardly ever consider one night stands or casual flings.

20. Scorpios adapt to new situations fairly easily. Late career changes are fairly common for them. They focus on goals and usually get what they want.

21. The Scorpio sign is associated with the element of water and is fixed with Yin qualities. Since this is a “water sign”, the majority of the decisions made by these individuals tends to be emotionally based and lacks common sense.

22. A Scorpio is intrigued by the cycles of life and death, which is indicated on their astrological symbol. If one should study the meaning behind the sting at the end of the Scorpio, this will show that this represents the reproductive organ of the humans. Additionally, it’s the eighth sign in the zodiac and this is said to mean the leader of reproduction and also a mythological phoenix of olden days. The latter is a bird which was consumed by flames and rise from its own ashes afterwards; also symbolic to the life and death nature of a Scorpio.

23. The Scorpio sign is considered to be mysterious, deep and is always yearning for close intimate connections. But, if you happen to hurt one of them, beware of the stings as they can really lash out.

24. Scorpio’s are continuously on a mission to gain knowledge of anything that has to do with humanity. Most times they will communicate with others just by their body language. For the most part, you will find them all business like as they stay far from idle conversations and they like to focus on the significant portions of a discussion alone.

25. A Scorpio possesses a very inquisitive nature and has the ability to unearth secrets and answers even from situations which might seem insignificant to others. As a result, the people around them have a difficult time in finding the middle ground.

26. They generally obtain high altitudes of success because of the remarkable spiritual powers they possess which gives them the ability to persevere and push forward at all times. For this reason, these characteristics make them a strong opponent or very useful partner. But, if you are close to or seeking a relationship with a Scorpio, try not to discover their likes, dislikes or secrets as this will drive them away.

27. According to the astrology charts the fixed qualities of these people causes them to be headstrong and stubborn. Quite often, they will go after their dreams and goals without caring about what or who get left behind. They will utilize all available resources in order to attain success, if possible even risk their life.

In general, the Scorpio sign is classified as the most philosophical and mysterious zodiac. They are good with love, money and forever concerned with maintaining and achieving power. They will exert this power over people, the environment and their lifestyle, in the end they will relax and admire their achievements. If you are a Scorpio or friends with one, keep in mind that death and life is the basis of their being and it will characterize the eventual force of their destiny.

Scorpio Zodiac Facts

If you are thinking of getting to know a Scorpio better, you have just one simple question to ask yourself… Are you ready for the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime?

If the answer is yes, strap yourself in and hold on tight! If you prefer an easier, slower-paced life then walk, no, RUN away from anyone belonging to this volcano of a Zodiac sign!

28. According to the readings of the Scorpio zodiac sign, they consider their home a castle and might not take advice from others, as it’s usually their way or the highway. Some of this personality trait is brought into their relationships which usually cause a strain, plus the constant need to control and their pride.

29. Most times they will put their mates through a series of tests when it comes to love and trust issues. If you are thinking about a relationship with a Scorpio, you have to learn how to match up with their tactics or you might lose their attention; but you should allow them to win the arguments. Although, all of this might seem selfish or negative, they have good qualities and once they love and care for someone that person will know every minute of the day.

30. Positive Scorpio Characteristics: Passionate, Sexual, Magnetic, Dynamic, Loyal, Ambitious, Self-sufficient, Intuitive, Emotional, Powerful, Committed, Caring, Self-controlled, Determined, Exciting, Inventive

31.Negative Scorpio Characteristics: Jealous, Possessive, Resentful, Domineering, Overbearing, Stubborn, Defensive, Manipulative, Vindictive, Intolerant, Cynical, Bad-tempered, Compulsive, Ruthless, Insulting, Moody, Arrogant, Uncompromising

Facts About Scorpio Man

Scorpio man is the definition of the strong and silent type, but is never at a loss for words when the moment is right. He is extremely emotional but reserved when it comes to expressing his affection, therefore people should not allow themselves to be misled by his apparent thick skin. Scorpio man is a sensitive soul at heart and because of this, jealousy is often the Scorpio man’s worse fault. It is therefore, extremely important that his partner desires nobody other than himself. This guide will show you some basic facts about Scorpio man.

32. Scorpio Man is inquisitive. Questions will need to be answered. It’s a bit deceiving to think he is trusting. Sadly, paranoid would be more like it. Words from his lips might sting if he feels betrayed.

33. With Scorpio man jealousy is always quietly looming. An undeniable fury is brewing at all times.
Be very careful if you have even the slightest flirtatious nature.

34. If you pass the rigor of tests Scorpio man has diligently prepared for you, then romance will no doubt commence.

35. Scorpio man will lavish you with loyalty. Never doubt how much he values your love, you’d only have to look into his eyes to know just how much.

36. Sincerity and honesty are highly valued here. Scorpio man has an uncanny ability to see through lies and shallow words.

37. Scorpio men will make amazing fathers. Stern when it is called for and wise beyond his years when his child needs to be advised. The head of the table is custom made for this honorable man. Family is always his top priority.

38. At the end of a long day, Scorpio man will be the one you curl up in bed with. He will hold you, comfort you, and express so eloquently how deeply you’re cherished.

Facts About Scorpio Women

Scorpio woman is extremely independent. She hides her secretive, sensitive heart with a standoffish, unfriendly exterior. Scorpio woman will jeopardize everything she has for love no matter the cost, but will often find herself intensely disappointed if her judgment is mistaken. Let’s see some facts about Scorpio women.

39. Romantic by nature, Scorpio woman asks a lot of the people she loves, often that which is nearly impossible.

40. However, Scorpio woman is quick to gauge the situation and peoples personalities, able to swiftly delve to the root of a question or circumstance immediately. She sees through all of the crap, ignores the outer appearance and gets right to the truth.

41. Scorpio woman is often partially psychic. She will make loads of first-rate friends who will often last her entire life, and she displays understanding and sympathy to everyone who comes in contact with her.

42. However, Scorpio woman does make for a frightening adversary. She doesn’t willingly create animosity, but is sometimes led into situations where she becomes the center of someone’s jealousy and envy.

43. Scorpio woman’s character can be rather contradictory. It is extremely puzzling to some people while others consider it endlessly mesmerizing. On the outside she seems to be a somewhat selfish woman who appears egotistic but she can be capable of unbelievable self-sacrifice.

44. Fundamentally, no two acquaintances will ever look upon this Scorpio woman in the same manner for she will appear with a different aspect of her personality to each of them.

45. As a girlfriend, the Scorpion woman can be electrifying.

46. As a life long partner, Scorpio woman is determined to be the best possible companion, making her very appealing to the opposite sex. As a mother, she is both thoughtful and disciplinary.

47. She is in essence, an old-fashioned woman, who is loyal and courageous.

48. Scorpio woman is extremely capable and enjoys having responsibility.

49. Scorpio woman adores luxury and possesses extensive taste in home decor and other aesthetic needs.

50. The atmosphere surrounding her will depend highly on this lady’s varying intensity of feelings. Scorpio woman can be blunt and fearless, and does everything with intense passion from the deepest depths of her heart and soul.

51. Scorpio woman is deeply devoted to loved ones which can almost be considered idolization. By nature she is rarely shy and has a very healthy desire for the physical side of her love life.

Famous Scorpios

With their enticing charm and magnetic personalities, Scorpios have a natural ability to rise to the top, though they would never brag about it, of course! Here’s a list of some of the most famous Scorpios.

Famous Scorpios: Actors, Entertainers & Sports Stars

52. Pelé is a Scorpio born on October 23rd
53. Ryan Reynolds is a Scorpio born on October 23rd
54. Wayne Rooney is a Scorpio born on October 24th
55. Seth MacFarlane is a Scorpio born on October 26th
56. John Cleese is a Scorpio born on October 27th
57. Julia Roberts is a Scorpio born on October 28th
58. Richard Dreyfuss is a Scorpio born on October 29th
59. Winona Ryder is a Scorpio born on October 29th
60. Henry Winkler is a Scorpio born on October 30th

61. Jenny McCarthy is a Scorpio born on November 1st
62. Kathy Griffin is a Scorpio born on November 4th
63. Matthew McConaughey is a Scorpio born on November 4th
64. Will Rogers is a Scorpio born on November 4th
65. Roy Rogers is a Scorpio born on November 5th
66. Emma Stone is a Scorpio born on November 6th
67. Ethan Hawke is a Scorpio born on November 6th
68. Tara Reid is a Scorpio born on November 8th
69. Lou Ferrigno is a Scorpio born on November 9th
70. Richard Burton is a Scorpio born on November 10th
71. Brittany Murphy is a Scorpio born on November 10th
72. Leonardo DiCaprio is a Scorpio born on November 11th
73. Demi Moore is a Scorpio born on November 11th
74. Ryan Gosling is a Scorpio born on November 12th
75. Anne Hathaway is a Scorpio born on November 12th
76. Grace Kelly is a Scorpio born on November 12th
77. Whoopi Goldberg is a Scorpio born on November 13th
78. Maggie Gyllenhaal is a Scorpio born on November 16th
79. Chloë Sevigny is a Scorpio born on November 18th
80. Owen Wilson is a Scorpio born on November 18th
81. Jodie Foster is a Scorpio born on November 19th
82. Meg Ryan is a Scorpio born on November 19th
83. Mackenzie Phillips is a Scorpio born on November 20th
84. Goldie Hawn is a Scorpio born on November 21st
85. Scarlett Johansson is a Scorpio born on November 22nd
86. Jamie Lee Curtis is a Scorpio born on November 22nd
87. Rodney Dangerfield is a Scorpio born on November 22nd

Famous Scorpios: Musicians, Singers & Composers

88. Weird Al Yankovic – Scorpio born on October 23rd
89. Katy Perry – Scorpio born on October 25th
90. Ciara – Scorpio born on October 25th
91. Johann Strauss II – Scorpio born on October 25th
92. Georges Bizet – Scorpio born on October 25th
93. Domenico Scarlatti – Scorpio born on October 26th
94. Keith Urban – Scorpio born on October 26th
95. Brad Paisley – Scorpio born on October 28th

96. Lyle Lovett – Scorpio born on November 1st
97. Nelly – Scorpio born on November 2nd
98. P. Diddy – Scorpio born on November 4th
99. Art Garfunkel – Scorpio born on November 5th
100. Kevin Jonas – Scorpio born on November 5th
101. Gram Parsons – Scorpio born on November 5th
102. John Philip Sousa – Scorpio born on November 6th
103. Joni Mitchell – Scorpio born on November 7th
104. Carl Stalling – Scorpio born on November 10th
105. Miranda Lambert – Scorpio born on November 10th
106. Neil Young – Scorpio born on November 12th
107. Aaron Copland – Scorpio born on November 14th
108. Leopold Mozart – Scorpio born on November 14th
109. Björk – Scorpio born on November 21st

Famous Scorpios: Scientists, Researchers & Explorers

110. James Cook is a Scorpio born on October 27th
111. Nicholas Culpepper is a Scorpio born on October 28th
112. Jonas Salk is a Scorpio born on October 28th
113. Marie Curie is a Scorpio born on November 7th
114. Philip Sedgwick is a Scorpio born on November 8th
115. Carl Sagan is a Scorpio born on November 9th
116. Charubel is a Scorpio born on November 9th
117. Michel Gauguelin is a Scorpio born on November 13th

Famous Scorpios: Artists, Writers & Designers

118. Pablo Picasso is a Scorpio born on October 25th
119. Dylan Marlais Thomas is a Scorpio born on 27th October
120. Sylvia Plath is a Scorpio born on 27th October
121. Kurt Vonnegut is a Scorpio born on November 11th
122. Gerard Butler is a Scorpio born on November 13th
123. Claude Monet is a Scorpio born on November 14th
124. Georgia O’Keeffe is a Scorpio born on November 15th
125. Calvin Klein is a Scorpio born on November 19th
126. Voltaire is a Scorpio born on November 21st

Famous Scorpios: Political Figures

127. Bill Gates Scorpio born on October 28th
128. Hillary Clinton – Scorpio born on October 26th
129. Marie Antoinette – Scorpio born on November 2nd
130. Michael Dukakis – Scorpio born on November 3rd
131. Rev. Billy Graham – Scorpio born on November 7th
132. Martin Luther – Scorpio born on November 10th
133. Gen. George Patton – Scorpio born on November 11th
134. Prince Charles – Scorpio born on November 14th
135. Condoleezza Rice – Scorpio born on November 14th
136. President James A. Garfield – Scorpio born on November 19th
137. Indira Gandhi – Scorpio born on November 19th
138. Robert F. Kennedy – Scorpio born on November 20th
139. Joe Biden – Scorpio born on November 20th

What sign is a good match for a Scorpio?

When looking at what sign is a good match for a Scorpio, we need to focus on 3 key relationships:

  • Scorpio and Pisces
  • Scorpio and Cancer
  • Scorpio and Capricorn

While it is not impossible for a Scorpio to get on well with other signs, it is Pisces, Cancer & Capricorn that represent the best matches for Scorpio.

Pisces a good match for a Scorpio?

These two star signs can often experience a “love at first sight” encounter as there will usually be a strong mutual attraction between them, which can create great sexual chemistry and a very passionate long-term romance.

Indecisive Pisces will welcome the strong, dominant and possessive Scorpio into their life, making them feel loved and wanted. Pisces offers gentle kindness and sympathy, which Scorpio both admires and appreciates.

Scorpio and Pisces are both Water signs, meaning that they can understand each other well and often find themselves being naturally and inexplicably compatible. But they are not too similar to create clashes of personality, because Scorpio is a Fixed sign and Pisces is a Mutable (changeable) sign, so they can learn from one another. From Scorpio, Pisces can learn to focus on one project at a time, whereas Pisces can teach Scorpio the value of a flexible approach.

Scorpio can often be secretive, mysterious and withdrawn, but Pisces has a tendency to withdraw into their own mind, so can empathize with this Scorpionic trait. Pisces has a dreamy energy that can soften Scorpio’s hard edges, while Scorpio’s emotional depth draws Pisces to their passionate, sensitive nature. Scorpio and Pisces complement each other wonderfully and they can enjoy a loving, committed long lasting relationship.

Cancer a good match for a Scorpio?

Strong, masterful Scorpio is a good match for quiet, inhibited Cancer and the Scorpion’s need to dominate is exactly what the insecure Crab is looking for. Scorpio’s dominant possessiveness will make Cancer feel loved and protected. Cancer desires Scorpio’s strength while Scorpio welcomes Cancer’s emotional commitment to their relationship. Cancer will display utter devotion to Scorpio, which will keep the Scorpion’s ferocious jealousy at bay.

Cancer and Scorpio are both Water signs, sharing many common traits and interests. Both have great emotional depth and will draw each other further and further into a deep, passionate, emotional relationship. They are fiercely loyal to each other, which is a product of their mutual desire for emotional security and stability. They are both concerned with the home and will display intense loyalty to the family unit they create together.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars & Pluto, while Cancer is ruled by the Moon. This combination is very intense, but it provides a good, healthy balance of masculine and feminine energy. The Moon and Mars go well together – both are concerned with rebirth, while the Moon’s nurturing love complements the passion of Mars. Cancer is magnetically drawn to the burning intensity of the Scorpio, offering an adoration that Scorpio relishes.

Scorpio can be withdrawn and secretive, while Cancer often displays a quiet inhibition, so these two can take a while to form a real connection. But once they connect and learn to trust each other, they can create a strong, lasting, unbreakable bond for life.

Capricorn a good match for a Scorpio?

When Scorpio and Capricorn come together, the first stages of the relationship will often lack the magnetic intensity of the Scorpio-Pisces connection. Shyness, privacy and an inherent distrust of other people may dampen the initial impact of this relationship. It takes time for these two to open up and feel comfortable with each other, but once they learn to trust and care for each other, the relationship will be strong and secure.

Scorpio and Capricorn are naturally compatible, but it is the differences between them that make the partnership so strong and the main reason that they are passionately drawn to each other. The usually faint-hearted Capricorn is able to experience every powerful emotion they ever dreamed of with Scorpio, while Scorpio will feel that they can take more risks and achieve anything they want when they have the stability of the Capricorn personality alongside them. Capricorn can learn emotional depth from Scorpio and teach them the benefit of a cool, calm approach to life. Scorpio’s powerful determination and Capricorn’s disciplined, organized stability can create both successful business partnerships and wonderful marriages.

When Scorpio and Capricorn both understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, they can forge a truly fantastic relationship which is mutually beneficial and rewarding. They both share the same values and yet can teach each other so much. Both cherish their home environment and will be committed to it and each other. Mentally and physically compatible, these two signs satisfy one another’s needs perfectly.

So to the question of what sign is a good match for a Scorpio, we have three answers…Pisces, Cancer and Capricorn.

Of course it is possible for Scorpios to forge good relationships with other Zodiac signs, but if you want the astrological gods on your side and give yourself the best chance of happiness, focus on these three.

More Zodiac Facts

Are you looking for more zodiac signs and their facts and traits, compatibility. There are many more zodiac facts on Kidzable. Take a look at facts about Capricorns where you can learn more about their compatibility with Scorpios and so much more.

What do you think?

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