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Top Girl Dog Names That Start With A

Girl Dog Names That Start With A by Kidzable

Female dog names that start with A have something special and unique. All names beginning with A are strong and charismatic.

From Adara to Athena, these girl dog names will certainly be a good starting point for name inspiration.

Girl Dog Names That Start With A With Meanings

1. Aaliyah – Aaliyah Haughton was an American R&B recording artist, actress and model – She is the dog that is determined to finish what she has started.

2. Aba – ABA is the acronym for Applied Behavior Analysis.

3. Abbagail – She is the funniest and most trustworthy dog you’ll ever meet – She is intelligent and sweet.

4. Abby – This name originated in Hebrew which means “Father in rejoicing”.

5. Abigaile – She is the dog that can understand what’s happening – She has a clerical kind of instincts.

6. Adara – It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Adara is “beauty” – She is indeed a dog of beauty!

7. Addie – The name is derived from Old English which means “noble”.

8. Adelaide – She is a very kind dog. Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia

9. Adeline – She is the dog that is compassionate to her master – The dog that makes you happy.

10. Adia – Adia means “being noble” in Old German.

11. Adira – She is strong indeed, not physically, but maybe in other field like thinking, etc.

12. Aeris – It sounds like Ares, the God of war in Greek mythology – She may look like a weakling but this dog is a warrior in spirit so watch out!

13. Ajia – Ajia may refer to a beautiful Asian dog with cherry cheeks when she barks – She can be considered a dog with bambo sticks.

14. Akayla – She is one of the prettiest dogs in the world – She has many friends and they love her very much.

15. Alexandra – The counterpart of the name “Alexander”.

16. Alice – She is a lost dog in wonderland.

17. Alicia – Alicia Keys is an American soul singer, pianist and occasional actress – This dog is very talented.

18. Aliva – She is the dog that usually salivates even if there is no food presented.

19. Ally – The dog that knows how to party like a rockstar!

20. Althea – It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Althea is “healing herb”.

21. Alyssa – She is the kind of dog that still manages to find a way to smile.

22. Amaiya – The name Amaiya means “Night Rain”.

23. Amanda – She is the dog that is worthy to be loved – She knows her place.

24. Amara – The meaning of the name Amara is ‘Unfading; eternal’ – She is the dog that will never be forgotten in the hearts of the people.

25. Amber – Amber Pacific is an American band that formed in 2002.

26. Ambrosia – She is the immortal dog according to the Greeks.

27. Amelia – Amelia Vega became the first and only Dominican woman to be named Miss Universe, in 2003.

28. Amethyst – Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz often used in jewelry – She is a precious dog.

29. Ami – She is the dog that has this sense of being nationalistic.

30. Amica – Amica is the name if she is a best friend or a really special dog.

31. Amiga – She has a very beautiful fur that looks like silk.

32. Amira – The name means “princess” – It means that she deserves to be taken care of like a real princess.

33. Amore – Amore is the Italian term for the word “love”.

34. Amy – Amy is a common name for female dogs which means “beloved”.

35. Ana – It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Ana is “favored grace”.

36. Andrea – Andrea comes from the Latin meaning “Womanly” or “Beautiful Lady” – She is steadfast and confident, honest, and reliable.

37. Angelina – She loves everything about life and lives it to the fullest – She loves to argue and knows how to get her way.

38. Angie – She is a great messenger – She might not deliver the message verbally, but she is very good at expressing it in her own ways.

39. Anitea – She is the dog that will make you jump literally!

40. Annabelle – Better be thankful, for God has given you a dog that is favored by him!

41. Anndi – It is a variant name for “Andie”.

42. Annica – If she is the type of dog that wants to be chased, you better name her Annica.

43. Annie – She is gorgeous, kindhearted, rebellious, and gentle towards others.

44. Anya – A very cute name for a red-colored dog.

45. Aphrodite – Aphrodite is the Goddess of love and beauty – She has acquired the charm and bloom of a real Goddess.

46. April – This dog symbolizes the spring – She may be born during the spring.

47. Ariel – She is a crazy and adventurous dog.

48. Aroura – Similar to Aurora, she is the dog that is waiting for her true love’s kiss.

49. Ashanti – She is capable of trying something even though it is not meant for her – She is just wasting her time.

50. Ashleca – A dog that is not born normal.

51. Ashley – Ashley is a name that was popular to name babies in the late 80’s early 90’s – It is dog’s turn now!

52. Asia – Asia is one of the seven continents of the world and the biggest among them all – She is very blessed with her healthy body.

53. Askher – If divided into two syllables, you will come up to a word “ask her” – She is a dog that you can talk to even though she really can’t understand a thing of what you are saying.

54. Asti – She is joyful and very energetic!

55. Atara – She has the perfect growl to scare burglars during at night.

56. Athena – Athena is the goddess of wisdom, courage, and inspiration – This dog has been blessed by Athena herself.

57. Atira – Atira is the dog that will make the men stunned because of her beauty.

58. Atlanta – Atlanta is the capital and most populous city in the U.S.

59. Ava – Used to express feelings.

60. Aziza – It is an Arabic name meaning “precious” or “beloved one”.

Female Dog Names That Start With A Inspired By Food

61. Apples
62. Aubergine
63. Asida
64. Akara
65. Agave
66. Avocado
67. Almond
68. Aniseed
69. Aubergine

Gemstone Girl Dog Names That Start With A

70. Alexandrine
71. Achroite
72. Adelaide Ruby
73. Agate Geode
74. Akoya Pearl
75. Almandine Spinel
76. Amazon Stone
77. Amberoid
78. Andesine-Labradorite

If by any chance you still didn’t find a name that will suit your girl puppy there are many more girl dog names on our site, such as girl dog names that start with M. What are your thoughts on girl dog names that start with letter A?

What do you think?

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