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20 Most Interesting Grasshopper Facts For Kids

Grasshopper Facts for Kids

When you really think about it there are some pretty astounding and interesting grasshopper facts for kids and adults alike.

How Many Grasshopper Species Are There?

For fact, not even every type of grasshopper has been seen. There are thought to be between 11,000 and 18,000 different species of grasshoppers.

What Is Grasshoppers Natural Habitat?

Grasshopper facts tell us that grasshoppers thrive in all types of habitat. They are so adaptable they inhabit all parts of the world except for the North and South Poles.

What Is A Grasshopper?

Grasshopper is a collective name used to refer 9,000 varied species of jumping, singing insects of two families under Orthoptera order. Grasshopper has a pair of wings, strong hind legs and tough mouthparts. They are classified into two families namely Tettigoniidae or long-horned grasshoppers and Acrididae or Short-horned grasshopper.

How Big Do Grasshoppers Get?

Their sizes vary from 1 centimetre to 10 centimetre.

Fun Grasshoppers Facts For Kids

Grasshoppers do have something in common as you can see from the following grasshopper facts for kids.

Grasshoppers Ears and Eyes

They don’t have any ears at all, and they all have five eyes. Grasshopper facts tell us that the five eyes of the grasshopper are different. Three are what are called three simple eyes and two, compound eyes. If you have ever tried to catch a grasshopper you have seen firsthand how very hard it is. That is because all of these eyes allow a grasshopper to see not only long distances, but also forwards, backwards and sideways.

What Do Grasshoppers Eat?

They are herbivores, who eat only plants. Grasshoppers are all herbivores but different types of grasshoppers prefer different kinds of plants. They can cause a lot of trouble should swarms of grasshoppers start eating a farmer’s crops. They can cause a lot of damage and the crop will sell for less money. Some of the foods grasshoppers really love include corn, oats, rye, cotton, barley, wheat, alfalfa, and clover.

Grasshoppers Don’t Have A Nose

One of the strangest grasshopper facts is that they do not have a nose with which to breathe. Instead, they have holes all along the sides of their bodies for breathing.

What Do Grasshoppers Look Like?

A grasshopper is made up of a head, abdomen, thorax, two pair of wings, six legs that have joints and two antennae.

How Far Can A Grasshopper Jump?

Grasshoppers typically hop when they move but they can jump 20 times the length of their body.

How And Why Grasshoppers Sing?

Grasshoppers are unique among insects in that they sing. While their song sounds kind of like a chirp, different species make the noise in different ways. Some grasshoppers rub their wings together and others clatter their wings. The sounds attract male grasshoppers to females for mating.

How Do Grasshoppers Mate?

They go through three stages of reproduction. First there are eggs, then nymphs, then adult grasshoppers. You can see grasshoppers wherever there is plenty of food for them, such as in fields and meadows.

How Much Does A Grasshopper Weigh?

For instance, a large grasshopper can have 20.6 grams of protein and a small one can have around 14.3 grams.

Grasshoppers Are An Important Part Of The Ecosystem

Grasshoppers are an important part of the ecosystem of the world. Overall they fulfill a function in nature. They even do some things that help farmers, such as eating poisonous weeds and leaving nutrients in the soil.

Facts About Grasshoppers

Above are just basic facts about grasshoppers. If you want to know more information about this jumping creature, read on and enjoy these several interesting facts about grasshopper.

Grasshopper Predators

Natural grasshopper predators are mainly flies, coyotes, rodents, reptiles, spiders, beetles, skunks and birds.

Smallest Grasshopper Specie

Pygmy grasshopper is the smallest specie of grasshopper measuring less then 20 mm.

Grasshoppers Mating Season

Grasshoppers usually mate in fall season.

Baby Grasshoppers

Young baby grasshoppers have to undergo through molts or shed of their body coats and grow new ones several time before they turn into winged adult grasshopper.

How Is A Grasshopper Resting?

While resting, grasshopper’s hindwings are getting folded and gets covered by front wings.

How Do Grasshoppers Defend Themselves?

They usually try to jump they way out. If all fails, it is known that grasshopper spits what they called “tobacco juices”. It is a brown, bitter juice which is used as their defense mechanism.

All Grasshoppers Sing

While long-horned grasshoppers have longer antenna, short-horned grasshoppers have shorter antenna (as the name suggests). Both types of grasshoppers have auditory organs, but long-horned ones have it in their forelegs while short-horned ones have it on their abdomen.

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