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Ladybug Facts For Kids

Ladybug Facts for Kids

Belongs to beetle family, Ladybug is small-sized insect that is also known as ladybird, lady beetle, etc in other regions. Ladybug is found inhabiting in almost all regions around the world.

Ladybugs come in varied color. They are characterized by small black spots on the cover of their wings and black head, legs and antenna.

While some of the species of ladybugs are considered as beneficial in agricultural aspect as they predate scale insects and aphids, some are considered as pests that destroy crops and agricultural farms.

Above facts about ladybugs are just the basics. Read on to find out more interesting ladybug facts for kids – their distinguished characteristics, habitat, behavior and more.

10 Ladybug Facts For Kids

  1. The size of ladybugs varies depending on the species. It ranges from 1 mm to 10 mm.
  2. Ladybugs are omnivores. Their main diet includes scale insects, mites, aphids, and mealy bugs.
  3. Ladybug’s average lifespan is 2 to 3 years.
  4. Wings of ladybug can beat 85 times per second while flying.
  5. In order to scare away their potential predators, ladybugs release substances that taste and smell nasty.
  6. Female ladybugs lay over 100 eggs throughout her life.
  7. Ladybugs don’t usually bite unless provoked; however, its bite is not painful.
  8. Ladybug facts: During winter season, ladybugs don’t eat. They can survive with the help of their stored fat.
  9. If humans use nose to smell, ladybug use their feet.
  10. The spot on ladybug’s wing fades as they mature.

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