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Snake Names: 110+ Cool Names For Snakes

snake names

Looking for unique cool snake names?

Many people tend to give their snakes a classic human name. But your new snake is so unique and special and you know it deserves a better and cool snake name.

We made this list of really cool names for snakes for all the cool snakes out there. And each snake name has a meaning and origin as well, making the name even cooler.

Choosing that ideal name for your snake is not easy. For that reason, we have organized our snake names in several categories. From male and female snake names to exotic and Disney snake names. Let’s see.

Snake Names Male

We will start with male names for snakes. Here are 46 cool snake names with meaning for male snake name inspiration.

1. Rye

Meaning: Island meadow

Origin: Irish

2. Bart

Meaning: Ploughman

Origin: Hebrew

3. Sewati

Meaning: Curved bear claw (Miwok)

Origin: Native American

4. Jeriel

Meaning: Strong: open-minded. Blend of Jerold and Darell.

Origin: English

5. Jesaja

Meaning: God will help.

Origin: German

6. Saxon

Meaning: Sword

Origin: English

7. Togquos

Meaning: Twin (Algonquin)

Origin: Native American

8. Meara

Meaning: Happy

Origin: Irish

9. Mayer

Meaning: Headman: mayor. Surname.

Origin: German

10. Etu

Meaning: Sun

Origin: Native American

11. Gordon

Meaning: From the three cornered hill or From the marshes. One of Scotland’s great clans. Surname.

Origin: English

12. Garaden

Meaning: From the three cornered hill

Origin: English

13. Borak

Meaning: The lightning. Al Borak was the legenday magical horse that bore Muhammad from earth to the seventh heaven.

Origin: Arabic

14. Bud

Meaning: Brother. Nickname used since medieval times.

Origin: English

15. Garve

Meaning: Rough: rugged.

Origin: Irish

16. Gareth

Meaning: Strong spear

Origin: Anglo-Saxon

17. Brocleah

Meaning: From tbe badger meadow

Origin: English

18. Stock

Meaning: From the tree stump

Origin: English

19. Watson

Meaning: Son of Walter

Origin: English

20. Ranger

Meaning: Ward of the forest

Origin: French

21. Elden

Meaning: From the elves’valley From the old town. Surname.

Origin: English

22. Hieremias

Meaning: God will uplift

Origin: Hebrew

23. Val

Meaning: Strong

Origin: English

24. Trumble

Meaning: Strong or bold

Origin: English

25. Kentigem

Meaning: Chief

Origin: Celtic

26. Delvin

Meaning: Godly friend

Origin: English

27. Birch

Meaning: Bright: shining: the birch tree.

Origin: English

28. Raydon

Meaning: Counselor

Origin: French

29. Renaldo

Meaning: Counselor-ruler.

Origin: Spanish

30. Cynerik

Meaning: Royal

Origin: English

31. Quentin

Meaning: Fifth

Origin: French

32. Duggan

Meaning: Black

Origin: Irish

33. Bardaric

Meaning: Ax ruler
Origin: English

34. Evoy

Meaning: Blond

Origin: Irish

35. Enando

Meaning: Bold venture

Origin: German

36. Morgen

Meaning: Morning

Origin: German

37. Esau

Meaning: Hairy. Biblical Jacob’s older twin brother Esau was a skilled and adventurous hunter.

Origin: Hebrew

38. Rowdy

Meaning: Boisterous. Western nickname.

Origin: English

39. Thieny

Meaning: Rule of the peop]e

Origin: French

40. Lydell

Meaning: A surname often used as a given name.

Origin: Scottish

41. Duante

Meaning: Dark. Many Irish and Scottish names have the meaning dark or black.

Origin: Irish

42. Tedd

Meaning: Abbreviation of Theodore.

Origin: English

43. Ruhleah

Meaning: From the rough meadow

Origin: English

44. Broderik

Meaning: From the broad ridge

Origin: English

45. Kit

Meaning: Nickname for Christopher. Frontiersman Kit Carson.

Origin: English

46. Turner

Meaning: Champion in a tournament

Origin: French

Female Snake Names

If you got a female snake, there are some really interesting and cool female snake names to choose from. Here are some unique snake names for female snakes.

1. Hildemara

Meaning: Glorious

Origin: German

2. Aleigha

Meaning: To ascend.

Origin: Hebrew

3. Loreen

Meaning: Variant of Laura or Lora referring to the laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory.

Origin: English

4. Jeovanna

Meaning: Feminine of Giovanni: variant of Jovana.

Origin: English

5. Lindy

Meaning: Variant of Linda lime tree: linden tree: beautiful.

Origin: English

6. Cory

Meaning: From the round hill: seething pool: ravine

Origin: Irish

7. La Reina

Meaning: Queen

Origin: Spanish

8. Sorcha

Meaning: Intelligent

Origin: Irish

9. Antje

Meaning: Grace

Origin: Hebrew

10. Viviane

Meaning: The Lady of the Lake

Origin: Arthurian Legend

11. Diane

Meaning: Divine. Greek goddess of the moon. Also Diana Princess of Wales.

Origin: French

12. Keiana

Meaning: Variant of Kian. Ancient.

Origin: Irish

13. Kayleen

Meaning: Variant of Kay and Kayla keeper of the keys: pure.

Origin: English

14. Alair

Meaning: Cheerful: glad.

Origin: French

15. Casey

Meaning: Brave: Vigilant.

Origin: Irish

16. Gavina

Meaning: White hawk

Origin: Scottish

17. Livia

Meaning: Life

Origin: English

18. Lillyana

Meaning: Purity, beauty

Origin: Spanish

19. Dominique

Meaning: Of the Lord. Variant of Dominic.

Origin: French

20. Charmain

Meaning: One of Cleopatra’s attendants in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra was named Charmian.

Origin: French

21. Blanche

Meaning: White: shining.

Origin: French

22. Valeraine

Meaning: Brave

Origin: French

23. Karley

Meaning: Womanly: strength. Feminine of Karl.

Origin: German

24. Jaida

Meaning: The gemstone jade: the color green.

Origin: English

25. Cimberleigh

Meaning: From the royal meadow

Origin: English

26. Misha

Meaning: Variant of Michael.

Origin: French

27. Alvina

Meaning: Friend of the elves

Origin: English

28. Dreena

Meaning: Short form of Alexandrina.

Origin: Spanish

29. Lynzie

Meaning: Variant of Lindsey from the linden tree island

Origin: English

30. Heidi

Meaning: Noble

Origin: German

31. Darryll

Meaning: Variations of Daryl meaning Dearly loved.

Origin: English

32. Perke

Meaning: Devoted to God

Origin: Hebrew

33. RosIyn

Meaning: Beautiful

Origin: Spanish

34. Nuna

Meaning: Land

Origin: Native American

35. Bodicia

Meaning: A queen of the Iceni Victory

Origin: Anglo-Saxon

36. Zurina

Meaning: White

Origin: Spanish

37. Christa

Meaning: Variant of Christiana. Follower of Christ.

Origin: English

38. Minette

Meaning: Form of Williamina

Origin: French

39. Myleene

Meaning: Merciful

Origin: English

40. Naavah

Meaning: Beautiful

Origin: Hebrew

41. Carmelita

Meaning: Garden

Origin: Spanish

42. Marlene

Meaning: From the tower

Origin: Hebrew

43. Cadhla

Meaning: Beautiful

Origin: Irish

44. Devana

Meaning: Divine

Origin: English

Disney Snake Names

Disney names are always a great choice. Here are the famous Disney snake characters from cartoons and movies. These names are so cool your snake, you and anyone will love it for sure.

1. Kaa

Meaning: Fictional character

Origin: Jungle Book

2. Rattlesnake Jake

Meaning: Dangerous Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

Origin: Nickelodeon’s film Rango

3. Sir Hiss

Meaning: He is advisor of Prince John and has the power of hypnosis.

Origin: Robin Hood

4. Ushari

Meaning: Aggression in Swahili

Origin: Male Cobra in The Lion Guard

5. Hista

Meaning: Giant African Python

Origin: The Legend of Tarzan

6. Jafar

Meaning: He has a cobra-headed scepter. Aladdin calls Jafar a cowardly snake, and Jafar transforms into a larger version of his staff.

Origin: Aladdin

7. Whitehood

Meaning: A giant poisonous cobra who guards the treasure temple from trespassers.

Origin: Jungle Cubs

8. Lola Boa

Meaning: Boa constrictor a large snake that kills by coiling around its prey and asphyxiating it.

Origin: Brandy and Mr. Whiskers

9. Ralph and Eddie

Meaning: Carnivorous Snakes

Origin: TV Series Timon and Pumbaa

10. Evil Regina

Meaning: Gets Turned into a cobra Snake

Origin: Known as the Evil Queen from series Once Upon a Time

11. Yuckalinda

Meaning: A monster-like snake of green color and dark green spots with messy orange hair.

Origin: DuckTales

12. Jormungandr

Meaning: Norse Mythology serpent can take on the form of a humanoid wrestler.

Origin: DuckTales reboot

Exotic Female Snake Names

Here are some exotic snake names for female snakes

  1. Cleopatra
  2. Arabella
  3. Desdemona
  4. Grizabella
  5. Esmeralda
  6. Molokai
  7. Octavia

Exotic Male Snake Names

Here are some exotic snake names for a male snake.

  1. Casanova
  2. Adagio
  3. Galileo
  4. Mehitabel
  5. Macaroni
  6. Tiberius
  7. Yosemite

More Reptile Names

You can find many more interesting reptile names here on Kidzable. You could try our lizard names for more reptile name inspiration. Or you can take a look at our turtle names for more reptile related names.

What do you think?

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