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If you are getting a spider as your new pet you will need a name for your spider. Here are some unique spider names for inspiration.

Spiders actually can make good pets. Most spiders are harmless, quiet, easy to take care of, and will provide entertainment by crawling up and down your arms. And spider pet names are cool.

Spiders are very easy to take care of. A big enough container, a few insects, and a spritz of water can have your spider living for many years.

Read more about spiders and spider facts below, and now let’s take a look at best spider names.

Spider names

Female Spider Names

If you got a female spider, these female spider pet names should be a great inspiration for your spider name.

1. Anemona

Meaning: Floare

Origin: Romana

2. Robynne

Meaning: Red Beauty, Type of Bird.

Origin: Old German

3. Eadwine

Meaning: Wealthy friend

Origin: English

4. Linette

Meaning: Bird

Origin: Anglo-Saxon

5. Eyota

Meaning: Great

Origin: Native American

6. Aida

Meaning: Wealthy

Origin: English

7. Agate

Meaning: Kind

Origin: Irish

8. Llamrei

Meaning: Arthur’s horse

Origin: Arthurian Legend

9. Prunella

Meaning: Color of plum

Origin: French

10. Collette

Meaning: Necklace. Victorious. Variant of Nicolette.

Origin: French

11. Yonina

Meaning: Dove

Origin: Hebrew

12. Pennie

Meaning: Weaver

Origin: Greek

13. Justene

Meaning: Just – upright. Feminine of Justin.

Origin: English

14. Hanna

Meaning: Grace

Origin: Hebrew

15. Gisella

Meaning: Pledge

Origin: German

16. Yarkona

Meaning: Green

Origin: Hebrew

17. Alexandrea

Meaning: Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander.

Origin: English

18. Lucille

Meaning: Light

Origin: French

19. Luciana

Meaning: Illumination

Origin: Latin

20. Deysi

Meaning: Day’s eye. A flower name.

Origin: English

21. Bernadette

Meaning: Feminine of Bernard. St. Bernadette was canonized in 1933.

Origin: French

22. Spindella

Meaning: The inquisitive spider

Origin: Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch

23. Eliza

Meaning: Consecrated to God

Origin: French

24. Loraine

Meaning: Derived from Lorraine which is the name of a province in France and a family name of French royalty.

Origin: French

25. Clarimond

Meaning: Brilliant protectress

Origin: German

26. Myleene

Meaning: Merciful

Origin: English

27. Jaklyn

Meaning: Abbreviation of Jaqueline which is the feminine of Jacques.

Origin: English

28. Brettany

Meaning: Brit. A native of England: (Britain) or France: (Brittany).

Origin: English

29. Gorgon

Meaning: Terrible, terrifying, dreadful

Origin: Ancient Greek

30. Laurel

Meaning: The laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory. Old name with many variants.

Origin: English

31. Alvie

Meaning: Army of elves

Origin: German

32. Ade

Meaning: A mistress of Lancelot

Origin: Arthurian Legend

33. Dorene

Meaning: Blonde

Origin: French

34. Jenalyn

Meaning: Variation of Jenny which is a diminutive of Jane and Jennifer.

Origin: English

35. Yolanda

Meaning: Variant of Violet flower

Origin: French

36. Germain

Meaning: From Germany

Origin: French

37. Codi

Meaning: Cushion; Helpful

Origin: English

38. Lynzie

Meaning: Variant of Lindsey from the linden tree island

Origin: English

39. Mosag

Meaning: “dirty female”; Aragog spider wife

Origin: Scottish Gaelic; Harry Potter

40. Jeneen

Meaning: Variation of Jenny which is a diminutive of Jane and Jennifer.

Origin: English

41. Awendela

Meaning: Morning

Origin: Native American

42. Karrin

Meaning: Abbreviation of Katherine. Pure.

Origin: English

43. Kristyna

Meaning: Christ-bearer

Origin: Greek

44. Kerrie

Meaning: Dusky; dark

Origin: Irish

45. Maitika

Meaning: Innovation; independence

Origin: African; Jungle 2 Jungle

46. Mimi-Siku

Meaning: Sound of rain on river water

Origin: Jungle 2 Jungle

47. Shelob

Meaning: She for female and Lob for spider

Origin: The Lord of the Rings

48. Aroha

Meaning: Love

Origin: Maori

49. Teriana

Meaning: Abbreviation of Teresa which is a popular saint’s name of uncertain meaning.

Origin: English

50. Golds

Meaning: Gilded

Origin: English

51. Moyna

Meaning: Noble

Origin: Irish

52. Elaine

Meaning: Mother of Lancelot

Origin: Arthurian Legend

53. Farran

Meaning: Adventurous.

Origin: Irish

54. Chiquita

Meaning: Little girl

Origin: Spanish

55. Halfrida

Meaning: Peaceful heroine

Origin: German

names for spiders

Male Spider Names

Here are some really cool spider names for boys. All names come with a meaning so you can brag about it.

1. Syd

Meaning: Variant of Sidney from St. Denis

Origin: French

2. Ail

Meaning: From the stony place

Origin: Scottish

3. Tuomas

Meaning: Twin

Origin: Hebrew

4. Kenelm

Meaning: Defends the family

Origin: English

5. Balgair

Meaning: Fox

Origin: Scottish

6. Whitlock

Meaning: Blond

Origin: English

7. Rollo

Meaning: Renowned in the land. Roland was a legendary hero who served Charlemagne.

Origin: English

8. Fahy

Meaning: From the green field

Origin: Irish

9. Corbenic

Meaning: Where the grail was kept

Origin: Arthurian Legend

10. Leighton

Meaning: From the meadow farm

Origin: English

11. Jerande

Meaning: Variant of Garrett rules by the spear.

Origin: English

12. Bobo

Meaning: Born on Tuesday

Origin: African

13. Whiskers

Meaning: The part of the beard

Origin: British English

14. Lucas

Meaning: Bringer of light

Origin: Greek

15. Spiderus

Meaning: Vicious spider

Origin: Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch

16. Ektor

Meaning: Father of Arthur

Origin: Arthurian Legend

17. Thornly

Meaning: From the thorny meadow

Origin: English

18. Crichton

Meaning: From the town by the creek

Origin: English

19. Robbie

Meaning: Abbreviation of Robert Famed: bright: shining.

Origin: English

20. Bounce

Meaning: To rebound after striking; Recover from a blow or a defeat quickly.

Origin: English

21. Zander

Meaning: Abbreviation of Alexander. Protector.

Origin: English

22. Bors

Meaning: Uncle of Arthur

Origin: Arthurian Legend

23. Teo

Meaning: God. Abbreviation of names like Mateo and Teodor.

Origin: Spanish

24. Che

Meaning: God will multiply

Origin: Hebrew

25. Sheridan

Meaning: Untamed

Origin: Irish

26. Glynn

Meaning: From the valley.

Origin: Gaelic

27. Peter

Meaning: Rock or stone

Origin: Greek

28. Benjamin

Meaning: Son of the right hand

Origin: Hebrew

29. Parker

Meaning: Park keeper

Origin: Old English

30. Peter Benjamin Parker

Meaning: Alter ego of Spider-Man; The man as a Superhero.

Origin: Spider-Man Book and Movie

31. Keene

Meaning: Sharp; Ancient

Origin: English

32. Dunly

Meaning: From the hill meadow

Origin: English

33. Gilford

Meaning: From Gill’S ford

Origin: English

34. Sowingwa

Meaning: Black – tailed deer (Hopi)

Origin: Native American

35. Deems

Meaning: Judge’s son

Origin: English

36. Alex

Meaning: Abbreviation of Alexander. Defender of man.

Origin: English

37. Tim

Meaning: Variant of Timothy one who honors God.

Origin: English

38. Brion

Meaning: He ascends. 10th century Brian Boru was a high king and great national hero of Ireland

Origin: Celtic

39. Yvon

Meaning: Archer

Origin: French

40. Hadden

Meaning: From the heath

Origin: English

41. Aragog

Meaning: Leader; a rare giant spider raised by Hagrid

Origin: Greek; Harry Potter

42. Randon

Meaning: Variants of Randolph Wolf’s shield. Surname.

Origin: English

43. Bates

Meaning: Variant of Bartholomew often used as a surname.

Origin: English

44. Warren

Meaning: Loyal

Origin: German

45. Neal

Meaning: Champion Form of Neil.

Origin: English

46. Urien

Meaning: Name of a king

Origin: Arthurian Legend

47. Murry

Meaning: Lord of the sea

Origin: Irish

48. Barry

Meaning: Fair-haired

Origin: Gaelic; Real tarantula from Home Alone movie

49. Tobias

Meaning: Goodness of God

Origin: Hebrew

50. Schmaiah

Meaning: God hears

Origin: Hebrew

51. Kosumi

Meaning: Fishes for salmon with spear (Miwok)

Origin: Native American

52. Webber

Meaning: Weaver

Origin: German

53. Knitter

Meaning: Knotting or knitting

Origin: German

54. Embroider

Meaning: Sewing or embroidery

Origin: French

55. Tyrus

Meaning: Modern blend of Tyrone and Cyrus: or a reference to the ancient Phoenician city of Tyre.

Origin: English

Names That Mean Spider

Real human names that actually mean spider.

1. Kumo

Meaning: spider.

Origin: Japanese

2. Arachne

Meaning: Girl who challenged Athena and was turned into a spider.

Origin: Greek

3. Uttu

Meaning: Spider. It is also the name of Sumerian goddess of weaving

Origin: Sumerian

4. Arania

Meaning: Spider

Origin: Persian

5. Cancor

Meaning: Spider

Origin: Old German

Spider On Different Languages

Word “spider” on different languages sounds fun, unique and sometimes confusing, but are certainly a good inspiration for spider names.

1. Spin

Meaning: spider.

Origin: Dutch

2. Gagamba

Meaning: spider.

Origin: Filipino

3. Hamahakki

Meaning: Spider

Origin: Finnish

4. Arana

Meaning: Spider

Origin: Galician

5. Pok

Meaning: Spider.

Origin: Hungarian

6. Ragno

Meaning: spider.

Origin: Italian

7. Aranea

Meaning: spider.

Origin: Latin

8. Pungawerewere

Meaning: Spider.

Origin: Maori

9. Apogaleveleve

Meaning: Spider.

Origin: Samoan

Jumping Spider Names

If you have a jumping spider, then maybe these jumpy spider names could be a great choice.

  1. Bumper
  2. Jumping Jack
  3. Grasshopper
  4. Jump
  5. Hop
  6. Hip Hop
  7. Bouncer
  8. Leap Of Faith
  9. Leap
  10. Hoppy
  11. Jolty
  12. Leapy
  13. Springer
  14. Skipy
  15. Pouncer
  16. Jojo
  17. Long

Famous Spider Names

Here the names of the most famous spiders from TV, movies, comics and books. All these names would make great pet spider names.

  1. Spider-Man – Spider-Man comics and movies
  2. Spider-Ham – Spider-Man parody comic
  3. Shelob – Great spider from “The Lord of the Rings”
  4. Ungoliant – The mother of Shelob and probably all spiders in “The Lord of the Rings”
  5. Aragog – giant talking Acromantula spider from “Harry Potter”
  6. Miles Morales – another Spider-Man comic made by Marvel
  7. Arac – Video game
  8. Charlotte Cavatica – spider from the book “Charlotte’s Web”
  9. Jeff the Spider – giant friendly spider from animated TV series “The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy”
  10. Kumonga – giant spider from Godzilla movies

Funny Spider Names

Are you looking for funny pet spider names? Here are some of the funniest spider names for your new pet spider.

  1. Online – if your pet spider is always on the “web”
  2. Eight Legs
  3. Kraken
  4. Jumpster
  5. Webinar
  6. Website
  7. Web
  8. Webby
  9. Webster
  10. Octopus
  11. Swag
  12. Swinger
  13. Crawler
  14. Fly Hunter
  15. Flyer
  16. Weaver
  17. Google Spider – Yes, there are Google spiders out there, better watch out
  18. Spiderbot

Disney Spider Names

What list of pet spider names would be complete without Disney spider names. For all Disney fans, here are the names of all Disney spider characters from various Disney cartoons and movies.

  1. Anansi – Disney spider from “Gargoyles”
  2. Arachnid – giant spider in Disney’s “Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge”
  3. Maitika – Disney tarantula spider from “Jungle 2 Jungle”
  4. Manny – spider from Disney’s “Lilo & Stitch”
  5. Clementine the Spider – giant spider from “Legend of the Three Caballeros”
  6. Pepito – poisonous spider from “The Bug Hunt”
  7. Darlene – spider who can take human form from “Gravity Falls”
  8. Scroop – alien spider/crab from “Treasure Planet”
  9. Anya Corazon (Spider-Girl) – from Disney’s “Spider-Man”
  10. Gorantula – half tarantula, half gorila from Disney’s “The Wuzzles”
  11. Spider-Gwen (Ghost-Spider) – Spider-Woman from “Ultimate Spider-Man”
  12. Spider-Ham or Peter Porker – counterpart to “Spider-Man”
  13. Harry – pet spider from “Jake and the Never Land Pirates”
  14. Itsy – spider from Disney’s “Goldie & Bear”
  15. Itsy Bitsy Spider – baby spider from “The 7D”
  16. Kumo – giant spider from Disney’s “American Dragon: Jake Long”
  17. Unkbuut – giant man-eating spiders from Disney’s “Aladdin”
  18. Lou – a spider from “Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers”

Badass Spider Names

Your spider is a total badass and you want a name that will reflect all that badassness. Here are some ideas for badass spider names:

  1. Butch – A strong, tough name for a strong, tough spider.
  2. Badass – This spider is so tough that it doesn’t need a nickname!
  3. Beast – This name is perfect for your most ferocious pet spider.
  4. Biker – If you’re looking for a name with attitude, this is it.
  5. Big Foot – This name might be better suited to an actual giant spider, but it could work on your little pet too.
  6. Bossy – A bossy pet can be fun and friendly—so long as you’re the boss!
  7. Chomper – A chomping spider pet will make any mealtime feel like an adventure!
  8. Crusher – A strong, tough pet needs a strong, tough name.
  9. Daredevil – This spider loves jumping into action—and off of high places!
  10. Disgusto – If your little critter is gross, this is the best name for it!
  11. Doom – This spider is just plain scary!
  12. Eerie – A pet spider that’s strange and mysterious can be called “eerie.”
  13. Inferno – A fiery little critter needs a fiery name!
  14. Cleopatra – A tiny Egyptian queen needs a name that fits her regal personality.
  15. Venom – A name that suits a spider that is full of poison and power.
  16. Cobra – This name is perfect for a spider that looks like the king of snakes.
  17. Rancor – A pet that’s full of hate and anger can be called “rancor”
  18. Andromeda – If your spider is strong and independent, this name is perfect.
  19. Azteca – This name is perfect for a spider that is from Mexico.
  20. Morticia – If your spider is creepy and crawly, this name will fit her personality perfectly.

Spider Names For Grass Spiders

Grass spiders are a type of spider that is easily identified by their long legs and thin bodies. They usually have a green or brown body with a yellow stripe running down the middle. They live in grasses, shrubs, and plants and feed on insects such as flies and mosquitoes.

The grass spider is a fun-loving little guy (or gal), so we think these names are perfect for welcoming one into your home.

  1. Spotty – This one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a great name for a friendly little spider that likes to crawl around on your floor and walls.
  2. Seedy – This one is great if your grass spider has been eating all of your flowers and making them grow really fast. It’ll grow just like the seeds do!
  3. Sprout – Sprout is a cute name for a tiny little bug that’s all ready to grow up into something big, just like this name suggests.
  4. Dandelion – Dandelion is another name that works well if your grass spider likes to make trouble in your garden. Just like a dandelion, it can pop up anywhere!
  5. Grasshopper – Grasshopper is another name for an energetic little bug that loves to jump around! It can be used as either male or female, which makes it especially versatile.
  6. Wispy – Wispy is a great name for an adorable little spider that’s all ready to be your friend. It can be used as a boy or girl name, which makes it even more versatile.
  7. Spiderling – Spiderling is another fun name for a little grass spider that likes to climb on things and make webs all over the place!
  8. Crawler – Crawler is another fun name for a little spider that loves to crawl around on its eight legs. It can be used as either male or female.
  9. Spinner – Spinner is another great name for a little grass spider that likes to spin webs all over the place!
  10. Hunter – Hunter is a great name for a little spider that likes to hunt for things like flies and bees.
  11. Wiggly – Wiggly is another fun name for a little spider that likes to wiggle all around. The word “wiggle” can also be used as a verb, so this is a great option for someone who loves to wiggle!
  12. Swift – Swift is another great name for a little grass spider that likes to run around on its eight legs very quickly.
  13. Wormy – Wormy is a fun name for a little grass spider.
  14. Slinky – This name is perfect if you want to name your new pet spider after a popular toy that you can buy in stores.

How To Choose The Right Name For Your Spider?

Spider pet names can be tough. You want something that’s going to capture the essence of your new friend, but you also want a name that isn’t going to get stuck in your head and haunt you forever.

Luckily, we’ve got some tips on how to choose the perfect spider name for your arachnid buddy.

First things first: no spiders in the family. Spiders are not kittens or puppies, so try not to anthropomorphize them too much—they won’t appreciate it!

Second: don’t overthink it. You don’t have time for that right now. Just pick a name that feels right in your gut, and let it go from there!

Third: focus on the spider’s personality. Your new pet has a lot of character, and you need to honor that. What kind of quirks does he have? How does he interact with other spiders? These are all things to consider when naming your arachnid buddy.

Fourth: consider the species. Your spider is part of a whole ecosystem, so it’s important to give him a name that reflects his role in that ecosystem. Does he eat insects? Is he venomous? What kind of webs does he build? All this information will help you choose the perfect name for your new pet!

Fifth: pick something that sounds good with the word “spider”. This will help you remember what you named him in the future, should you need to refer to him again.

It’s important to know that your spider won’t be able to talk back. He’ll probably just kind of sit there and look at you with those creepy eyes, but this doesn’t mean he won’t appreciate a nice name. So get started on naming your new pet today!

About Spiders

In a world where arachnophobia is a common condition, encountering spiders in any environment can be creepy, but in your own home, the feeling is intensified.

In truth, spiders are beneficial creatures. Given the reputation through movies, books and personal encounters of being vengeful, on the attack and dangerous, most people unthinkingly crush the spider under their heel without hesitation. Contrary to the opinion of many, spiders do not seek out human contact, and do not revel in the thought of biting humans. Most prefer to go about their business eating insects in their own world, and only bite humans out of a defensive mechanism.

The term “house spiders” applies to only three types of spiders in the United States. Commonly known as the Hobo Spider, the Common House Spider and the Giant House Spider, the three are actually very similar in appearance. Two of these, the Hobo and the Giant, have a range that is limited to the Pacific Northwest, with rare occurrences of the spider being documented as far east as Utah and Montana. Obviously, there are other spider species that come into the homes of people; however, the common house spider is the most prevalent.

Spiders live everywhere on Earth with the exception of Polar Regions, peaks of high mountains and in large bodies of water. Their main purpose throughout their life span is to feed upon prey. All arachnids are predators, eating more insects as a family than birds eat. Their diet consists of specific insect types, and some of the larger spiders commonly eat small invertebrates such as lizards and frogs.

A Few Quick Spider Facts

Spiders lay eggs to reproduce. There can be a dozen or several dozen eggs. The female weaves a little silken sac around the eggs and places them in an out-of-the-way place where she thinks they will not be disturbed. Some spiders carry the sac on their bodies until the baby spiders are born.

At birth the little spiders immediately take off, scattering about to find a spot of their own on which to cling and build their first web. Outdoor spiders are often carried by the wind and make their home wherever they land–sometimes far away from their original location.

Female spiders are generally larger than male spiders. Some females even eat male spiders.

Spiders can have either six or eight eyes, depending on the species.

Most spiders do not live more than a year but there are tarantulas in captivity who have lived to be over twenty years old.

Spiders provide a great service to man by controlling insects which can carry disease and destroy crops.

If you didn’t found that perfect name from all these spider names take a look at our lizard names for more ideas. Or you could check out our turtle names that could sound interesting for your pet spider as well.

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