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Top 211 Hebrew Baby Girl Names And Meanings

Hebrew Baby Girl Names by Kidzable

Why Hebrew names for your baby?

Hebrew names represent deeper Kabalistic meaning. The shape of the letters and their meaning have great significance that can affect the physical being.

According to the kabbalah a name given to a baby will determine his/her well being, personality and spiritual connection. That’s why parents should consider thinking twice before giving a name that is going to affect their baby in the long run. Hebrew names have an added value as the Hebrew letters have a direct spiritual affect on the baby.

For those that are not of the Jewish faith or do not believe in spirituality affecting the physicality these names do not matter. But for those that are concerned about the spiritual being of their baby and believe in mind over matter, we have gathered some of the best Hebrew girl baby names and meanings.

 Hebrew Baby Girl Names Meaning God

    • Abby meaning God Is Joy
    • Abigail meaning God Is Joy
    • Ailish meaning Consecrated to God
    • Ailsa meaning Consecrated to God
    • Amaris meaning Promised by God
    • Arielle meaning Lion of God
    • Athalia meaning God Is Exalted
    • Bessie meaning Consecrated to God
    • Betsy meaning Consecrated to God
    • Bettina meaning Consecrated to God
    • Betty meaning Consecrated to God
    • Danelle meaning God Is My Judge
    • Deana meaning God Has Judged
    • Dina meaning God Has Judged
    • Eliora meaning God Is My Light
    • Elisabeth meaning Consecrated to God
    • Elspeth meaning Consecrated to God
    • Elyse meaning Consecrated to God
    • Gabrielle meaning Hero of God
    • Galya meaning God Has Redeemed
    • Gavrila meaning God Is My Strength
    • Hanna meaning Goddess of Life
    • Hannah meaning Grace of God
    • Ikia meaning God Is My Salvation
    • Ismaela meaning God Listens
    • Jadyn meaning God Has Heard
    • Janice meaning God Is Gracious
    • Jodie meaning Grace of God
    • Johnda meaning God Is Gracious
    • Johnna meaning Consecrated to God
    • Juana meaning God Is Beneficent
    • Katriel meaning God Is My Crown
    • Lael meaning of God
    • Liana meaning My God Has Answered
    • Libby meaning Consecrated to God
    • Lisa meaning Consecrated to God
    • Manuela meaning God Is With Us
    • Mireille meaning God Has Spoken
    • Mireya meaning God Has Spoken
    • Moriah meaning God Is My Teacher
    • Natania meaning Gift of God
    • Nuria meaning God’s Fire
    • Rebecca meaning Servant of God
    • Reuel meaning Friend of God
    • Rivka meaning Servant of God
    • Samantha meaning Listener of God
    • Shana meaning God Is Gracious
    • Zacharee meaning God Is Remembered

Girl Hebrew Names Meaning Light

  • Annot means Light
  • Hila is meaning Aura meaning Halo
  • Keren meaning Ray
  • Liora meaning Light
  • Meira meaning Light
  • Neorah meaning Light
  • Ophrah is meaning Light
  • Orli meaning the Light Is Mine
  • Urit meaning Light
  • Yitta means Light
  • Zahar meaning Morning Light
  • Zoheret meaning She Shines

Hebrew Girl Names From Nature

  • Adamina meaning the Earth
  • Ardice meaning Flowering Field
  • Ardith meaning Flowering Field
  • Aviva meaning Joyful Spring
  • Aya meaning Bird
  • Ayala meaning a Deer
  • Ayla meaning the Oak Tree
  • Bluma meaning a Flower, Bloom
  • Carmela meaning Garden
  • Deborah meaning Honey Bee
  • Deena meaning Valley
  • Derora meaning Running Streams
  • Devorah meaning Honey Bee
  • Gafna meaning Vine
  • Gayora meaning Valley of Sun
  • Gelilah meaning Rolling Hills
  • Giza meaning Hewn Stone
  • Hadassah meaning Myrtle Tree
  • Hinda is meaning Deer
  • Idra meaning Fig Tree
  • Ilana meaning Great Tree
  • Ivria meaning From the Other Side of the River
  • Jemima is meaning a Dove
  • Jorah meaning Autumn Rose
  • Kenya meaning Animal Horn
  • Mara meaning Bitter Sea
  • Miriam meaning Mistress of the Sea
  • Nizana meaning Flower Bud
  • Orinda meaning Pine Trees
  • Rachel meaning Innocent Lamb
  • Sabrina meaning Cactus Fruit
  • Sharis meaning Flat Plain
  • Sharne meaning Desert Plain
  • Sharon meaning a Flat Clearing
  • Shoshanah meaning Rose
  • Susannah meaning Lily
  • Tamara meaning a Spice or Palm Tree
  • Tivona means Lover of Nature in Hebrew
  • Yoninah means Little Dove
  • Zipporah meaning Little Bird
  • Zayit meaning Olive

Girl Hebrew Baby Names With Meanings

Strong Hebrew Girl Names With Meanings

  • Abrianna meaning Mother of Many Nations
  • Alissa has two meanings – Truth, Noble
  • Aliya meaning Defender
  • Bethesda meaning House of Mercy
  • Dena meaning Valley or Vindicated
  • Dinah meaning Judgment
  • Etana is meaning Dedication, Strength in Hebrew
  • Gabrielle meaning Hero of God
  • Gavrilla meaning Heroine
  • Hanna meaning Goddess of Life
  • Jael meaning Prominent
  • Jenis meaning Genesis the Beginning
  • Jezebel meaning Impure
  • Keilah meaning Citadel
  • Lena meaning Illustrious
  • Levia meaning Combine Forces
  • Malina means Tower, Soothing
  • Mary meaning Bitter
  • Nira meaning Loom
  • Nuria meaning God’s Fire
  • Odeda meaning Strong in Hebrew
  • Oprah meaning Runaway
  • Razi meaning Secret
  • Riva meaning Bound, Riverbank
  • Shamira meaning Protector
  • Tamma meaning Perfect
  • Temira meaning Tall
  • Thadine meaning the Praised
  • Yessica meaning Wealthy
  • Zaide meaning Elder
  • Zahavah meaning Golden One
  • Zaza meaning Movement
  • Ziva is meaning Splendor

Girl Names Meaning Beautiful In Hebrew

  • Adah is meaning Beautiful Addition
  • Adina means Beautiful, Adorned
  • Chaviva meaning Beloved
  • Naava meaning Pleasant, Beautiful
  • Shaina meaning Beautiful in Hebrew

Hebrew Girl Names Meaning Princess or Queen

  • Atara meaning Crown, Blessed
  • Cayla meaning Crown of Laurel
  • Kitra meaning Crowned
  • Malha is meaning Queen
  • Micol meaning Queen
  • Sarah meaning Princess
  • Sari meaning Princess
  • Zara meaning Princess

Hebrew Girl Names With Mystical Meanings

  • Arella means Angel
  • Arin meaning Enlightened
  • Bathsheba is meaning Seventh Daughter
  • Chava meaning Life
  • Danica meaning Morning Star
  • Delilah meaning Night
  • Edna meaning Spirit Renewed
  • Esther meaning Star
  • Eva meaning Giver of Life
  • Fanchon meaning Free
  • Genesis meaning Beginning
  • Hila meaning Aura meaning Halo
  • Kochava meaning Star
  • Livana meaning Lunar
  • Miriam meaning Mistress of the Sea
  • Nasya meaning Miracle
  • Nira meaning Loom
  • Tahlia meaning Morning Dew
  • Zahar meaning Morning Light

Hebrew Girl Names Meaning Joy

  • Aliza meaning Joyful
  • Aviva meaning Joyful Spring
  • Diza means Joyous
  • Gili meaning My Joy, Rejoice
  • Hedva meaning Joy
  • Marnina meaning Rejoice
  • Rena meaning Joy
  • Ronli meaning Joy Is Mine
  • Tamah meaning Joy
  • Yovela is meaning Full of Joy

Girl Names That Mean Song Or Dance In Hebrew

  • Hedia meaning Voice of the Lord
  • Karmina meaning Song
  • Mahola is meaning Dance
  • Ranit meaning Song
  • Sheera meaning a Song
  • Shiri means Song of My Soul

Hebrew Girl Names By Personality

    • Abra meaning Mother of Many
    • Alessa meaning Noble One
    • Anna meaning Gracious
    • Becca meaning Bound
    • Beulah meaning Married
    • Chana meaning Gracious
    • Dara meaning Compassionate
    • Diza meaning Joyous
    • Enye meaning Grace
    • Fruma meaning One Who Is Religious
    • Gada meaning Lucky
    • Gaille meaning Merry
    • Gella meaning One With Golden Hair
    • Gitel meaning Good
    • Gurit meaning Innocent Baby
    • Ilyssa meaning Rational
    • Isha meaning Woman
    • Jael meaning Prominent
    • Leah meaning Weary
    • Lois meaning Good
    • Mariam meaning Wishedmeaningfor Child
    • Mili meaning Virtuous
    • Naava meaning Pleasant, Beautiful
    • Razi meaning Secret
    • Ruth meaning a Companion, Friendship
    • Shaina meaning Beautiful
    • Sherry meaning Beloved
    • Tova meaning Good
    • Yamin meaning Right Hand
    • Zulema meaning Peace

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