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The Halloween Witch Quiz Trivia

Halloween time is fun time. Are you fit enough to be a witch for Halloween? Share your witchy result with friends.

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    If children come trespassing near your house, you

    • Shoo them away.
    • Turn them into owls.
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    Your favorite food items are

    • Chocolates, candies, etc.
    • Bat soup, fried insects, etc.
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    Your favorite mode of transport is

    • My good old car.
    • My faithful broom.
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    After dinner, you love to go for

    • A walk in the woods.
    • A flight in the clouds.
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    Which pets do you love most?

    • Dogs, cats, parrots, etc.
    • Crows, owls, bats, black cats, etc.
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    Your last boyfriend was a

    • Cool hunk.
    • Great wizard.
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    What do you usually do on Halloween nights?

    • Go around the neighborhood with my friends to trick-or-treat.
    • Party with goblins, zombies, werewolves, ghouls, skeletons and friendly monsters.
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    What are your favorite hobbies?

    • Reading, music, etc.
    • Spell casting, summoning spirits, flying on my broom, etc.
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    Do you make friends with humans?

    • Of course.
    • Only after I zap them into bats or owls

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