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130+ Turtle Names You Will Fall In Love With

Turtle Names by Kidzable

There are loads of turtle names out there, and choosing the perfect one is high on your ‘to-do’ list when you’re a new turtle parent.

Choosing Names For Turtles

Choosing a name for a turtle pet isn’t quite as fraught as choosing a baby’s name but it can come close! Although you don’t want to take a month to make a decision you do need to take a little time to think about good turtle names and pick something that feels just right.

Turtles are cold-blooded reptiles that regulate their body temperature by using the sun and can be found on every continent except Antarctica! Turtles inhabited this planet before humans. Turtles are believed to come from the late Triassic Period of the Mesozoic era, 220 million years ago. Their shells evolved from extensions of their backbone and broad ribs to form a complete shell for protection. These first turtles are believed to have had half shells (shells on bottom with an exposed back). We have few fossil records of these first turtles but by the late Jurassic Period turtles developed a complete carapace (full shell) and their habitat spread from the China area to a more global distribution. So, prehistoric name ideas would be a good match. You could check out lizard names for even more inspiration.

Turtle Names

With all that said, let’s find some cool and unique name for your turtle. We made several different turtle name categories so it would be easier to browse through the names.

There are female turtle names, male turtle names, turtle names from cartoons and movies and more names coming soon, so make sure to come back often.

50+ Girl Turtle Names

Ladies first! Here are some cute female turtle names to name your new turtle friend.

1. Jenalyn

Meaning: Variation of Jenny which is a diminutive of Jane and Jennifer.

Origin: English

2. Merrie

Meaning: Mirthful: joyous. Also an abbreviation of Meredith.

Origin: English

3. Cameron

Meaning: Clan name meaning Bent nose.

Origin: Scottish

4. Jianna

Meaning: God is Gracious.

Origin: Italian

5. Tayte

Meaning: Brings joy

Origin: English

6. Oihane

Meaning: From the forest

Origin: Spanish

7. Jazmine

Meaning: A flower name from the older form Jessamine.

Origin: French

8. Aleka

Meaning: Variant of English Alice

Origin: Hawaiian

9. Beathag

Meaning: To serve God

Origin: Hebrew

10. Shelley

Meaning: From the ledge meadow

Origin: Anglo-Saxon

11. Juana

Meaning: Gift from God

Origin: Hebrew

12. Audri

Meaning: Nobility: strength.

Origin: English

13. Jerande

Meaning: Variant of Garrett rules by the spear.

Origin: English

14. Keely

Meaning: Beautiful

Origin: Irish

15. Eadwine

Meaning: Wealthy friend

Origin: English

16. Miriam

Meaning: Rebellious

Origin: Hebrew

17. Venus

Meaning: Love and Beauty

Origin: Greek

18. Ardel

Meaning: Eager. Industrious.

Origin: English

19. Ogin

Meaning: Wild rose

Origin: Native American

20. Eskame

Meaning: Merciful

Origin: Spanish

21. Averil

Meaning: Opening buds of spring: born in April.

Origin: English

22. Vega

Meaning: Falling

Origin: Arabic

23. Ani

Meaning: Glass

Origin: Hawaiian

24. Jannis

Meaning: Gracious

Origin: Hebrew

25. Genivee

Meaning: Of the race of women

Origin: French

26. Tawnee

Meaning: A green field: the warm sandy color of a lion’s coat.

Origin: Irish

27. Daganyah

Meaning: Ceremonial grain

Origin: Hebrew

28. Alita

Meaning: Winged

Origin: English

29. Luana

Meaning: Graceful battle maiden

Origin: German

30. Annamarie

Meaning: Variant of Anne. Biblical: devout woman who saw infant Jesus presented at the temple in Jerusalem.

Origin: English

31. Honey

Meaning: Sweet

Origin: English

32. Elisamarie

Meaning: Abbreviation of Elisabeth.

Origin: French

33. Lujza

Meaning: Renowned warrior

Origin: German

34. Gamera

Meaning: Fictional monster; Kaiju characters

Origin: Japan

35. Caitrin

Meaning: Variant of Katherine meaning pure

Origin: Irish

36. Gaelle

Meaning: Stranger

Origin: German

37. Muriel

Meaning: Shining sea

Origin: Celtic

38. Halfrida

Meaning: Peaceful heroine

Origin: German

39. Congalie

Meaning: Constant

Origin: Irish

40. Oralie

Meaning: Golden

Origin: English

41. Judie

Meaning: Praised: From Judea.

Origin: Hebrew

42. Eleena

Meaning: Shining light. Variant of Helen.

Origin: Spanish

43. Keiana

Meaning: Variant of Kian. Ancient.

Origin: Irish

44. Rolanda

Meaning: From the famous land

Origin: German

45. Aubry

Meaning: Rules with elf-wisdom.

Origin: English

46. Dawnetta

Meaning: The first appearance of daylight: daybreak.

Origin: English

47. Collette

Meaning: Necklace. Victorious. Variant of Nicolette.

Origin: French

48. Orlina

Meaning: Gold

Origin: French

49. Nuna

Meaning: Land

Origin: Native American

50. Arleta

Meaning: An oath

Origin: Celtic

51. Semadar

Meaning: Berry

Origin: Hebrew

52. Linette

Meaning: Bird

Origin: Anglo-Saxon

53. Ivette

Meaning: Variant of Yvette.

Origin: Spanish

54. Fauna

Meaning: The Greek mythological deity of fertility and nature was Fauna. She was famous for her chastity.

Origin: English

55. Cwene

Meaning: Queen

Origin: Anglo-Saxon

56. Carolyne

Meaning: Feminine variant of Charles meaning manly

Origin: English

57. Candie

Meaning: Variant of Candida. Bright: glowing white.

Origin: Spanish

58. Katilyn

Meaning: English abbreviation of Katherine. Pure.

Origin: English

Turtle Names For Boys

Here are turtle names for boy turtles with meaning.

1. Speckles

Meaning: Small spot

Origin: Old English

2. Wylingford

Meaning: From the willow ford

Origin: English

3. Tripp

Meaning: Odd gait

Origin: English

4. Kingdon

Meaning: From the king’s hall

Origin: English

5. Leandro

Meaning: Lion

Origin: Spanish

6. Leo

Meaning: Lion

Origin: English

7. Garon

Meaning: Guards; guardian.

Origin: French

8. Ordman

Meaning: Spearman

Origin: English

9. Tighe

Meaning: Handsome. Variant of Teague.

Origin: Irish

10. Brand

Meaning: Proud

Origin: English

11. Magan

Meaning: Competent

Origin: Anglo-Saxon

12. Gere

Meaning: Form of Gerald rules by the spear.

Origin: German

13. Sterling

Meaning: Of high quality: pure. Also variant of a name given pre-medieval refiners of silver meaning easterner. Surname.

Origin: German

14. Aonghus

Meaning: Unnaturally strong

Origin: Scottish

15. Frisa

Meaning: Curly – haired

Origin: English

16. Mckenzee

Meaning: The fair one.

Origin: Scottish

17. Rolland

Meaning: Renowned in the land. Roland was a legendary hero who served Charlemagne.

Origin: French

18. Riyaaz

Meaning: Garden of purity

Origin: Arabic

19. Maximus

Meaning: Greatest

Origin: Irish

20. Shayan

Meaning: Variant of Shea courteous

Origin: Irish

21. Stanway

Meaning: Lives by the stony road

Origin: English

22. Akando

Meaning: Ambush

Origin: Native American

23. Burnard

Meaning: Variant of Bernard strong as a bear.

Origin: English

24. Luigi

Meaning: Famous fighter

Origin: German

25. Finn

Meaning: Blond

Origin: English

26. Belden

Meaning: Lives in the beautiful glen

Origin: English

27. Rafa

Meaning: Happy

Origin: Arabic

28. Elrod

Meaning: The king

Origin: English

29. Bernardyn

Meaning: Brave as a bear

Origin: German

30. Delano

Meaning: From the elder tree grove.

Origin: Irish

31. Yule

Meaning: Born at Christmas

Origin: English

32. Arlie

Meaning: From the hare’s meadow

Origin: English

33. Evarado

Meaning: Hardy: brave.

Origin: Spanish

34. Montgomery

Meaning: From Montgomerie

Origin: Scottish

35. Westley

Meaning: From the west meadow

Origin: English

36. Buck

Meaning: Male deer

Origin: English

37. Melvyn

Meaning: Leader

Origin: Celtic

38. Grendel

Meaning: Legend name

Origin: Anglo-Saxon

39. Sargent

Meaning: A squire

Origin: French

Turtle Names From Ninja Turtles

Probably the most famous turtles on the planet are Ninja Turtles from the cartoons, and later movies Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Well, turtle name list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include Ninja Turtles names.

1. Raphael or Raph

Meaning: Fictional superhero; God has healed; Archangel

Origin: Ninja Turtles; Hebrew; Bible

2.Donatello, Donnie or Don

Meaning: Fictional superhero; To give, Gift from God; Italian sculptor

Origin: Ninja Turtles; Italian; Renaissance artist

3. Leonardo or Leo

Meaning: Fictional superhero; Brave or hardy ; Leonardo Da Vinci

Origin: Ninja Turtles; Italian; Renaissance artist

4. Michelangelo or Mike

Meaning: Fictional superhero; Archangel Michael; Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni

Origin: Ninja Turtles; Italian; Italian sculptor

There is a nice detailed article about TMNT names and colors on NamesPotato.

Disney Turtle Names

What is a turtle names list without Disney turtle names. Here are the names of the most popular turtle characters from Disney movies and cartoons.

1. Stu

Meaning: Household guardian

Origin: English; Ice Age

2. Crush

Meaning: Love and admiration for someone

Origin: English; Finding Nemo

3. Squirt

Meaning: Ambitious, self-reliant

Origin: Australian; Son of Crush in Finding Nemo

4. Toby

Meaning: From Tobias; God is good

Origin: English; Hebrew biblical; Toby Turtle from Disney Robin Hood

5. ‘Olu Mel

Meaning: Short For Melody

Origin: English; Yoruba; toy turtle from Disney “Duffy and Friends”

6. Shelby the Turtle (Baby Shalby)

Meaning: Willow

Origin: Norse; from Disney cartoons “Donald’s Shell Shots”, “Babysitters”, “Donald’s Pool”

7. Caligola

Meaning: Little boot

Origin: Latin; turtle from Disney Pixar cartoon “Luca”

8. Doctor Cooper

Meaning: Tub, Container

Origin: English; turtle from Disney’s “TaleSpin” cartoon

9. Dictator Turtle

Meaning: Dictator

Origin: Latin; turtle from the “Jungle Cubs”

4. Dudley

Meaning: Dudda’s meadow

Origin: English; turtle from “The Little Mermaid”

10. Sheldon

Meaning: Steep-sided valley

Origin: Old English; turtle from the “Disney Junior”

11. Shelley (Turtle Monster)

Meaning: Meadow’s edge

Origin: English; scary turtle from “Frankenweenie”

12. Kongwe

Meaning: Ancient

Origin: Swahili; female tortoise from Disney’s “The Lion Guard”

For a complete list of Disney turtles please read Disney turtle names post.

Turtle Names From Cartoons and Movies

Here is a list of turtle names from popular cartoons and movies, such as Disney turtle names and many more.

1. Oogway

Meaning: Turtle

Origin: Mandarin; Kung fu Panda

2. Koopa

Meaning: Turtle-like creatures

Origin: Japan; Super Mario Game

3. Verne

Meaning: Ferns dweller; Wise, paranoid, and short-tempered turtle

Origin: English; Over the Hedge

4. Bowser

Meaning: Surname; Norman greeting

Origin: Norman; Super Mario Games

5. Cecil

Meaning: Form of Cecilia; Blind

Origin: Latin, Old Welsh; English; Cecil Turtle from Warner Bros

6. Mayor

Meaning: Wheelchair-bound tortoise; Council spear and authority

Origin: Nickelodeon Film Rango; English and Spanish surname

7. Mock

Meaning: Fictional character

Origin: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

8. Tokka

Meaning: Driven to proceed; Natural Fighting Prowess Mutant villain

Origin: Dutch; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze

9. Kotobuki – Tortimer

Meaning: Fictional character elderly tortoise character

Origin: Animal Crossing series

10. Cornimer

Meaning: Tortoise special character

Origin: Animal Crossing series

11. Kappê

Meaning: Fictional character – a mythical turtle-like folklore monster

Origin: Japanese; Animal Crossing

Funny Turtle Names

Turtles are pretty goofy animals. For all goofy turtles, here are funny names for turtles.

1. Comet

Meaning: Star with long hair

Origin: Greek

2. In Da House

Meaning: Turtle is its house – “in da house”

Origin: America

3. Hermes

Meaning: God of speed, and other stuff as well respectfully

Origin: Greek

4. Mercury

Meaning: God of speed, and other stuff as well respectfully

Origin: Roman

5. Flash

Meaning: Bright Light

Origin: American, The Flash movie and series

6. T Rex

Meaning: Tyrant lizard king

Origin: Greek

Badass Turtle Names Inspired By Dinosaurs

Did you know that turtles are prehistoric animals? There were all kinds of turtles in the past. Some were real giants having more than two tons, other developed horns on their heads and clubs on their tails. Well here are some real scientific prehistoric badass turtle names.

1. Ninjemys

Dinosaur turtle with horns on the head and club on its tail that lived in Australia.

Named after Ninja Turtles, believe it or not.

2. Carbonemys

One-ton prehistoric turtle from South America

3. Archelon

Giant two ton turtle that had a leather shell.

4. Colossochelys

Huge one ton turtle from central Asia

5. Henodus

Looked very much like modern turtles, not big in size, lived in Western Europe

6. Odontochelys

Greek for “toothed shell”. It had a toothed beak and was small in size.

More Names

If by any chance you didn’t find a name that will suit your turtle, check out our spider names as well. There are some interesting names there that could sound great for a turtle as well. Or our lizard names could be a good match also.

What do you think?

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